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Flexi Host Positions (Couples/Pairs/Singles) needed in Morzine, France


Production chef needed in Morzine, France


Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor – Instructor Internships in: Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland & USA


Skiidy Gonzales Airport Transfers are now looking for transfer drivers for Winter 2024/25 starting this December

Find the perfect winter role for you and spend this winter in the mountains, brushing up on your snow skills, hitting the slopes in your spare time and making new friends! Explore our amazing winter job opportunities such as ski instructor jobs, snowboard instructor jobs, ski resort jobs and ski season jobs. Apply for the winter jobs you’ve always dreamed of and before you know it you’re having the winter of a lifetime in a beautiful country like France, Austria, New Zealand or Switzerland!

Popular types of Winter Jobs

Have the winter of a lifetime working as a ski instructor in incredible destinations around the world, spending all day on the slopes and perfecting your skills! Out of all the European countries offering amazing ski instructor jobs in Europe, France, Austria and Switzerland are classed as the best for you adrenaline junkies! Amazing powder, insane slopes and awesome après-ski…could you ask for more?

But to which country would you like to move for your winter adventure? France is definitely one of the most popular countries for finding ski instructor jobs. You can find several world-class ski resorts in France and therefore the country offers more winter jobs than anywhere else in the world! Besides that, Austria is also very popular since this country has a much lower cost of living. Moreover, the amount of ski resorts and great pubs in Austria is growing rapidly. Are you a natural-born skier and do you have a high budget to work with? Then we can definitely recommend you to look for ski winter jobs in Switzerland. The list of winter job opportunities in Switzerland is endless!

As a ski instructor you will be teaching other winter sport junkies your perfected skill, while prioritizing their safety and well-being on the slopes. You will get a great training that might be a bit tough, but in the end you will receive a lot of benefits through these kind of winter jobs abroad. For example, you will see your students grow and improve in confidence, expand your network and enhance your career. Also, you will receive a lot of benefits from your hiring company, such as training, free lift passes, a monthly salary and discounts on ski equipment or food. 

Snowboard instructor jobs essentially means you get paid to do something you love, teach and train others to become their best and gain many other benefits, such as a free ski lift passes all season, food vouchers and discounts on essential ski gear. Does this sound like your ideal job? What are you waiting for! Teaching snowboarding is an amazingly rewarding and super fun job! Travel the world and meet like-minded people through a mutual passion for the most radical sport on the planet.

But before you start searching for amazing snowboard instructor jobs, you’ll have to become qualified by a recognized body that is part of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA). Once you are qualified you are able to instruct people all over the world. This qualification also shows that you are trustworthy enough to have responsibility for others’ safety. In total, there are 4 levels of qualification and to be able to become a snowboard instructor anywhere in the world you usually need to obtain at least Level 2. As a snowboard instructor your possibilities and opportunities for growth are endless. You can then for example work yourself up to higher qualifications and a higher pay.

Ski resort jobs mean you can earn money whilst having the winter of a lifetime, and with a range of jobs available there is sure to be a role that suits you! Resorts are always looking for chalet hosts, chefs, ski reps, bar staff, nannies, chalet managers and ski resort hotel staff ranging from receptionist to beauticians, meaning whatever your skill-set or training there is a job suitable for you!

A lot of winter seasonal employers already start advertising their ski resort jobs at the end of each ski season around Easter time, but usually you will be able to find winter jobs year round.  On our website you will be able to find vacancies from some of the largest and well-known ski season companies worldwide. Therefore you will find the best winter job opportunities on our website. 

Many of these companies offer great packages for their employees which include accommodation, food, paid or discounted travel, ski hire, a weekly salary and lift passes. This way you can do what you love for a living and even hit the slopes in your free time with your new friends. Is skiing not your thing? Then there are plenty of other places to go to in your free time. Explore the area and have a couple of drinks at the bars in one of the many other resorts located in the area.

To benefit everyone, ski season jobs vary widely and may include jobs such as bar, reception or maintenance work, drivers, nannies, chefs, reps and chalet staff, along with the chance to become a ski or snowboard instructor. This means your ski job weekly schedule may vary also, for example one week may consist of working in the morning, hitting the slopes for a few hours and then heading back into work mode for the evening shift, and the next day would be the opposite.

Some populair types of ski season jobs are chalet jobs, ski rep jobs and ski chalet manager jobs. You will be able to gain a lot of personal benefits with these kind of winter jobs abroad. Think for example about building self confidence and learning how to work as part of a team. These kind of skills will be highly valued by your future employees! All in all, with these winter jobs you will be able to grow as an individual whilst having the winter of a lifetime!

Winter Jobs

Popular Winter Jobs destinations

Home to The Alps; one of the top places in terms of legendary ski destinations comprising of the majestic mountains that divide Europe in a curving line from Austria to France. Many of the most iconic and top-rated ski resorts in the world lie on the north-facing slopes of these peaks in the French Savoie, considered world-class mountains where Olympic medals have been won, and seasonal workers and tourists come flocking. All in all, we can definitely recommend you to expand you horizon and explore the winter jobs in France! From ski instructor jobs and snowboard instructor jobs to ski season jobs and ski resort jobs. The possibilities for winter jobs in France are endless! 

Winter jobs in Austria are increasingly popular due to the combination of well looked after slopes and traditional rustic charm the small country has to offer. Austria maintains an advantage to other skiing locations due to nearly all destinations having modern snow cannons and the local expertise available to ensure a longer and more consistent season, meaning there are more hours available to work (which equates to more money to earn!) as well as more time on the slopes to hone your skills! Are you going to look at ski instructor jobs, snowboard instructor jobs, ski season jobs or ski resort jobs in Austria? Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure in winter wonderland? Then we can definitely recommend you to have a look at all the winter jobs abroad we are currently offering on our vacancy page! 

Winter jobs in Switzerland means amazing apre-skis; there are numerous resorts (including Zermatt which is known for offering cheap drinks or Verbier where you might spot a few famous faces!) which are infamous for the parties! However, if that is not your thing, there are chilled options – Sundays are protected by law as remaining peaceful, meaning you will get at least one restful day during your hectic week! Are you dreaming of magical winter jobs in Switzerland? Are you looking for ski instructor jobs, snowboard instructor jobs, ski season jobs or ski resort jobs in Switzerland? Then you are on the right page, because the AnyworkAnywhere Team can’t wait to make your dream come true and help you find the winter job you’ve been looking for! 

Although the Australian snow is not as good as elsewhere in the world, winter jobs in Australia are becoming much more popular. In Australia you have the advantage that ski passes are generally much cheaper than in the European ski resorts as the Australian ski resorts are much smaller. Also, in Australia it is usually easier to find certain winter jobs that you would struggle to get in Europe. Namely, Australian resorts offer a wide variety of winter jobs such as bartending jobs, reception work, maintenance work, nannies, chefs, ski reps, ski instructor jobs, snowboard instructor jobs, drivers and chalet managers.

Are you looking for winter jobs that start from June and end late September? Then Australia is the place to go! 

Are you dreaming of carrying out winter jobs abroad while enjoying epic mountain views and lunch breaks with runs down the slopes? Then we can definitely recommend you to apply for winter jobs in Canada! Canada is known for its powder, back-country riding and the magical mountain terrain of the Rocky Mountains. Moreover, since Canada is a huge country, there are so many ski resorts that offer amazing winter jobs. For example, in Western Canada you will be able to find a lot of places in British Columbia and Alberta. In Western Canada you find areas such as Quebec and Ontario. The most popular choices within Western Canada are Banff and Whistler, but there are many more great places to find winter jobs in Canada.

A great advantage of seasonal jobs in Europe is that they are easy to obtain and most European ski resorts are looking for English speakers! In Europe you will be able to find a huge variety of ski season jobs. This makes it easier for people to gain a job they enjoy whilst having an exciting and different schedule every single day. In Europe you have plenty of opportunities to become a ski instructor or a snowboard instructor. Do you have a passion for cooking? Great, because European ski resorts also offer great opportunities for chefs to gain more experience. Another good thing is that European ski resorts provide an easy process and climate for finding work “as you go”. The regulations are less strict than in other parts of the world. 

The popularity of the ski scene in Japan is increasing rapidly. During the Christmas period Japan has a lot of snow and the powder snow quality is very good which attracts a lot of tourists from across the world. This also means that there are plenty of winter jobs available in Japan. Just make sure to apply for a Working Holiday Visa and you are able to start applying for winter jobs such as ski instructor jobs, snowboard instructor jobs, maintenance work, chalet jobs and other ski season jobs!

All in all, the beautiful mountains in Japan, interesting culture, great gastronomy and the demand for international seasonal workers make that ski season jobs in Japan have become more and more popular! Are you also ready for an unforgettable Japanese adventure in the slopes? Don’t wait any longer and apply for your dream job!

Every year New Zealand attracts 1.5 million visitors to ski and snowboard. You will be able to find around 40 resorts in the region! This way you can easily expand your network in New Zealand and return ski season after ski season to gain more experience and improve your skills. The new Zealand mountains are perfect for skiing and snowboarding and this also one of the many reasons why New Zealand is a popular destination among winter sport junkies. Therefore there are also plenty of great opportunities to gain experience as a ski instructor or snowboard instructor in New Zealand. Besides that, you will also be able to find other ski season jobs in New Zealand such as chalet jobs, nannies, drivers, reception jobs and chefs. 

Furthermore, New Zealand offers a very unique experience, since many people say that skiing in New Zealand is very different than skiing in North America, Europe or Canda. 

Winter Jobs

Winter Jobs FAQ

1. When to start applying for winter jobs?

Finding a cool winter job requires some planning. We can recommend you to start searching and applying for winter jobs months before the start of the winter season. When you are still enjoying your summer break and hot days on the beach, you can already start planning your next winter adventure by searching and applying for winter jobs abroad! Moreover, that is also the time when winter seasonal employers start posting their job openings. Most winter jobs run from November to April so the sooner you can update your CV and apply for these amazing winter jobs, the better! 

Also keep in mind that some winter jobs destinations have different ski seasons. The ski season in New Zealand and Australia starts for example in June and ends at the end of September.

2. What are the best winter jobs for students?

As a student winter break is the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash. Getting a winter job over the winter break is a very efficient way to not only earn some extra money for your education, but also to gain some extra work experience. Winter jobs are seasonal jobs and therefore perfect for students! Ski resort jobs are for example great for students as there are plenty of options. Think about ski instructor jobs, snowboard instructor jobs, ski chalet jobs and ski bar jobs. Besides that, winter seasonal employers are often also looking for drivers, receptionists, ski representatives and nannies

And we have more good news for you, because these kind of winter jobs abroad are usually high paying jobs! So What are you waiting for?! Explore the winter jobs on our website and apply for that dream job!

3. How to find winter jobs?

AnyworkAnywhere is the perfect place to find fun winter jobs. We work together with exciting companies that are looking for seasonal workers for the next winter season. We recommend you to have a look at our vacancy page and scroll through our amazing winter job opportunities by filtering on “winter”. Here you will find exciting winter jobs such as ski instructor jobs, snowboard instructor jobs, ski resort jobs and ski season jobs.