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Do you want a job with epic mountain views and lunch breaks with runs down the slopes? Do you dream of picture-perfect powder days in the Alpine? Sounds like you should do apply for snowboard instructor jobs in Canada!

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As Canada has a huge variety of snow areas, there is correspondingly a huge choice when considering which part you want to work and live in. The Canadian ski season starts in November until April, and each Canadian ski resort is picturesque in its own unique way, whilst also being state-of-the-art, well maintained and easy to get to. Skiing in Canada is broken down into skiing in Western Canada – areas such as British Columbia and Alberta – and skiing in Eastern Canada – Quebec or Ontario. With Whistler or Banff being the most obvious and popular choices within Western Canada, there are also hundreds of underrated places to find snowboard instructor jobs in Canada, which are all comparable to the best around the world.

Canada is best known for its powder, back-country riding and the legendary mountain terrain of the Rocky Mountains, combined with some of the friendliest locals in the world. Luckily for international applicants, finding snowboard instructor jobs in Canada can be easier than many other countries, given the support and ease of obtaining a working holiday visa – just make sure you apply early (your chosen partnering company will provide you support throughout the whole process of the visa too)!

Snowboard Instructor Jobs In Canada

Before embarking on your search into specified snowboard instructor jobs in Canada, your first step is to become qualified by a recognized body that is part of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA) to qualify you, which allows you to instruct across the globe – plus shows you are trustworthy enough to have responsibility of others. There are 4 worldwide levels of qualification, and to teach anywhere in the world you usually need to obtain at least Level 2, which does in fact take a few months to obtain so make sure you plan your ski season well in advance to get the best choices!

Snowboard instructor jobs in Canada have a transparent payment system, as your hourly salary is reflective of your qualification level – Level 1 instructors should expect to start on a salary around $12 an hour and a Level 2 instructor should expect $15-$17 an hour, whilst gaining support through training to become more qualified. The salary may not be as high as European countries, but the reliable snowfall and over 250 ski resorts to jump around from, Canada is the go-to for hardcore riders and we can ensure you that you will never get bored of freeriding on the slopes!

Getting your dream snowboard instructor job in Canada will come with time and patience… but there is no time to wait – check out our opportunities now to receive world-class training, gain internationally recognized qualifications get a guaranteed job offer!

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