Fruit Picking Jobs

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Fruit picking jobs are always plentiful throughout the world and if you’re looking for some short-term seasonal work, abroad or at home, love the great outdoors, want to earn money whilst travelling and meeting new friends, then a job fruit-picking is certainly something to consider. It gives you the freedom to travel and earn at the same time.

Latest Fruit Picking Jobs

Fruit Picking Jobs

You could be strawberry picking in the UK, helping with the grape harvest in France or picking exotic fruits working your way along the harvest trail in Australia – there is always fruit to be picked somewhere in the world! If you’re happy to get hands-on then you could have an exciting, fun and energetic holiday whilst earning at the same time.

You have to work hard to play hard and you literally get out of it what you put in but fruit picking work can be a great experience during your gap year travels. Hours can be long, you may need to get up early in the morning to pick before the sun is too hot and you may need to work every day or most days when the crops are ready but if you’re prepared to work hard then earnings can be lucrative and can be used for funding the next stage of your travels, seeing the sights of the country in between jobs.

Accommodation is often provided, in bunkhouses and this can be basic but if you’re a relaxed person, happy to join in with a community then it’s a great experience and way to spend a few months.

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