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If you’re looking for some short-term seasonal work then a farm job is a good option as there are always farm jobs available in the UK or around the world.

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There is such a variety of jobs available, ones for professionals with experience or certain skills such as driving tractors or operating machinery and also placements for non-skilled people, so some options for everyone. There are lots of roles available including working with cattle and other farm animals, horse riding, riding vehicles, harvesting and packing produce, working on general maintenance or inside the farm house cooking and cleaning. Farm work is no holiday and you need to be prepared for long days, early starts and plenty of hard work and fresh air. You need to be able to work independently as well as pulling together as part of a team.

While farm jobs can be hard and physically demanding, it’s a great opportunity to earn cash quickly while having an enjoyable experience in good company. It’s an amazing opportunity to see a different side to a country, living in some remote spectacular places working on farms and in vineyards at the same time as earning money to fund the next stage of your travels.

You will meet new people, gain a whole lot of new skills doing something you’ve probably never tried before and you’ll have the opportunity of living in a different country meeting new friends from all parts of the world along the way. It can feel like a real achievement when you complete a contract and move onto the next part of your journey.

Farm Jobs

If you are looking for farm work there is availability all year round but some of the most popular destinations for seasonal farm jobs are in Europe, perhaps picking fruit or vegetables and packing produce in France, Spain, Greece, Italy or the UK. Some farms offer live in positions with free board and meals, perfect if you’re on a gap year or looking to travel on a budget. With little out-goings, you can build up some funds.

If you’re looking further afield, then Australia and New Zealand offer a whole host of options for farm work from harvesting fruit and other crops, working on sheep farms in New Zealand to working on cattle stations, cleaning enclosures, mending fences etc. in the Australian Outback. It’s a great bonding experience living and working alongside the local staff and other international backpackers.

There are so many options available for this type of work wherever you want to go, whatever you want to do and for however long you want to work for, that you will be able to find a job to suit and a great all-round experience.

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