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TUI Kids Club or Baby Club Host | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


Greece is looking for talented Hotel Entertainer!


Sport and Fitness entertainers needed in Cyprus


Photographers needed for the ´24 Summer season in sunny Greece!


Work as hotel staff in Greece, Spain, Maldives or Cyprus!


Searching for lifeguards in Greece, Spain, Cyprus or the Maldives

Work as an Entertainer in sunny holiday destinations in 2024!

Work as an Entertainer in sunny holiday destinations in 2024!


TUI Football Coach | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


TUI Entertainment & Activity Host | EU Nationals | Work Abroad

Do you fancy spending your summer in the sun, but don’t have the funds to make this dream a reality? Find a summer job abroad in amazing locations, earning while you explore and have the summer of a lifetime! Take a look at the range of incredible destinations where you can find summer jobs around the world and start planning your next adventure…

Popular types of Summer Jobs

Campsite Jobs

Campsite jobs are the perfect way to spend the summer in the great outdoors and there is a broad range of jobs in the camping industry with many different companies, providing employment for thousands of staff, so you are bound to find your ideal role in your dream location! So if you’re looking for a new experience and are open to embracing different situations and meeting new people, a summer job on a campsite or holiday park could be just the ticket for you.

Beach and Summer Resort Jobs

Are you dreaming of spending your summer in the sun with the beach on your doorstep, but your bank account is telling a different story? Well, the good news is here… with beach and summer resort jobs abroad, you can get paid to work in beautiful locations, getting a tan and a wage at the same time! Applying for summer jobs abroad is a great way to see the world in a new light because it will probably be a lot sunnier where you land! They are flexible too – you’ll work for the season, and then you can decide to travel after if you’d like. It’s basically a mini gap year in the heat of the summer, where your only worry is to remember to apply sunscreen!

Tourism Jobs

For those addicted to travel, tourism jobs are often the first and most common choice for a summer job abroad. Tourism jobs can range from working abroad at a hotel, resort, restaurant, local attractions, travel companies, and many more! With international travel expanding to include regions and countries otherwise overlooked in previous years, summer tourism jobs abroad can stretch to all corners of the world…

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Popular Summer Jobs destinations

#1 Spain

Summer jobs in Spain are very popular. Indeed, Spaniard’s laid-back attitude means they are welcoming and generally open to employing outsiders – which is good news for you! That famous summer destination is perfect for those who really want to immerse themselves in the holiday vibe (whilst getting paid!). You can find different kinds of work in hospitality: from bartending summer jobs, tourist entertainers to resort work. All those summer jobs will definitely take you to beautiful locations where you can take a trip to the beach with your colleagues at the end of your shift!

#2 Portugal

With one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, the lower-than-average wage goes a long way, as rent, transport, food, and activities such as eating and drinking out are cheaper than you may expect! As with working abroad anywhere, knowing the local language will help you impress recruiters when applying for jobs, but there are some roles where basic Portuguese is enough (and you can always pick up helpful phrases whilst you’re out there!).
Positions can be joined in June, July, August, and September, and sometimes accommodation will be provided, meaning your wage can go on exploring your new city! Furthermore, you will have the chance to meet a variety of people with a summer job in Portugal, which is especially helpful if you have traveled out alone as you are sure to make new friends!

#3 Greece

The main opportunity for those looking for summer jobs in Greece is to find work at the numerous bars, clubs, and restaurants that tourists flock to in their masses. When looking for a seasonal job, the best bet is to go where your fellow citizens tend to congregate; the Ionian islands and Rhodes attract British travelers, and Americans are frequently found on Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos – you are much more likely to find a role where English is the language spoken in the establishment unless you have a good understanding of the local language, in which case the world is your oyster! Often this can mean late nights, as shifts can run into 4 am in peak party season, so make sure you consider whether this is feasible for you!

#4 United Kingdom

Summer jobs in the UK range from cleaning staff through to sports camps supervisors and managers. The big cities such as London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Dublin require hospitality workers all year round but it is out in the countryside and on the coast where the UK houses some of the best traveler and holiday jobs that you will find anywhere. From the Highland resorts in Scotland (such as Aviemore) down to the water sports centers in the Solent – if you don’t mind taking a small risk with the weather, the UK provides a well-developed tourist destination with attractions ranging from the countryside, mountains, and abundant history.
Do you want to travel, find new experiences, and indulge in British culture? (whilst adding the benefits of enhancing your CV).

#5 New-Zealand

The adventure capital of the world is the dream location for many to spend their summer, and for those looking for summer jobs in New Zealand, there are plenty of opportunities to head across the world! New Zealand’s summer runs from September to March and is the busiest tourist time so finding work there can be a great opportunity to escape the winter at home and immerse yourself in the culture by living and working alongside the locals, with the bonus of getting to spend Christmas in the sun!

#6 Europe

Summer jobs in Europe mean you can live and work in a variety of sunny destinations, making money, friends, and memories as you travel to amazing locations. Summer jobs in Europe are the ultimate ticket to an incredible summer adventure that won’t break the bank, as well as having the added benefit of looking great on your CV! There are countless summer jobs in Europe available, so if you want the summer of a lifetime, what are you waiting for?

#7 Australia

Once you make the journey to the other side of the world and land down under, you won’t want to come back any time soon, get ready for the adventure of a lifetime! We’re talking golden beaches on every coast, the mysterious outback, a crazy nightlife, and natural beauty both in the wild and on the streets – an adventure for everyone! It’s no surprise that thousands of travelers head across the world every year to experience true Aussie life with a summer job in Australia

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Summer Jobs FAQ

1. When to start applying for summer jobs?

Finding the perfect summer job abroad requires some planning. We recommend you start looking and applying for summer jobs a good amount of time before the summer season. Actually, the earlier you start the application process, the better! Most of the summer jobs start in May or June, therefore December or January is a good time to apply.
Some employers post their vacancies in the middle of winter, others do it in the spring. Keep an eye out on our job offers to apply as early as you can, to be sure to get the job you want.

Also, keep in mind that some summer jobs destinations have different seasons. The summer season in New Zealand and Australia starts for example in December and ends at the end of February.

2. What are the best summer jobs for students?

As a student, summer break is the perfect opportunity to make some extra cash. Getting a summer job abroad over the summer break is a very efficient way not only to earn some extra money for your education, but also to gain some extra work experience. Summer jobs are seasonal jobs and therefore perfect for students! Hospitality work, for example, is great for students as there are endless bars, restaurants and hotels that are in need of summer staff each season. 

And we have more good news for you, because these kind of summer jobs abroad are usually a good way to make new friends and have a holiday feeling while working! So What are you waiting for?! Explore the summer jobs on our website and find your dream job!

3. How to find summer jobs?

AnyworkAnywhere is the perfect place to find fun summer jobs abroad. We work together with exciting companies that are looking for seasonal workers for the next summer season. We recommend you have a look at our vacancy page and scroll through our amazing summer jobs opportunities by filtering on “summer”. There you will find exciting summer jobs such as au pair, bartender, english teacher.

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