Summer Jobs in Italy

Find out your next adventure with these roles in amazing destinations!

Want to have the summer of a lifetime but don’t think you can afford it? Why not consider finding work abroad! Summer jobs in Italy mean you can live and work in a variety of sunny destinations, making money, friends and memories as you travel to amazing locations. Summer jobs in Italy are the ultimate ticket to an incredible summer adventure that won’t break the bank, as well as having the added benefit of looking great on your CV! So check out some roles that you could be experiencing this summer and get inspired! Famous for its huge contributions to the world’s arts, architecture, fashion, opera … the list goes on, but we know the food is what’s enticing you to work in Italy! For a summer of endless pizza, pasta and ice cream keep reading…

Latest Summer Jobs in Italy


TUI Kids Club or Baby Club Host | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


TUI Football Coach | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


TUI Entertainment & Activity Host | EU Nationals | Work Abroad


TUI Swim Coach | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


Nederlands sprekende receptionist(e) gezocht voor Italiaanse camping!


All-Round Entertainer at Campsite in Italy


TUI Group-Fitness Instructor | EU Nationals | Work Abroad

Summer jobs in Italy range hugely with main jobs offerings being various roles in campsites, hospitality or customer service work. Many of these roles can be arranged before you get out there by choosing particular companies to help you, which essentially makes your move much easier!

Summer jobs in Italy truly allow you to mix in with the locals, with endless jobs in the hospitality sector working in a hotel and bar, a mix of HR, marketing and customer service roles, allowing you to indulge in the culture whilst working and speaking in English, so you don’t need to worry too much about learning Italian before you arrive for the summer. There are huge ranges of jobs, you just need to decide what is best for you. In summer, there are a lot of resorts in Italy run by international and UK/Italian based companies, ranging from lifeguards, sports instructors to management, maintenance or child care – all with the benefits of speaking English.

With the North of Italy prospering compared to the South, this is generally the best place to find summer work as a foreigner. The tourism trade in Italy employs thousands of UK citizens to look after the influx of English speaking tourists and travelers each year. Italy’s 7,600 km of coastline facilitates plenty of seaside resorts to work in, with the major cities such as Venice and Rome providing high volumes of hospitality work. Pisa is also classed as a student town, therefore offers plenty of jobs during the summer season, or places like the Lakes where there are lots of foreign holiday companies is a perfect place for your search for summer jobs in Italy.

If agriculture is more of your scene, you might fancy some fruit picking jobs or agriculture work. Italy produces around 20% of the world’s supply of wine each year, so grape picking is a job opportunity all year round! However, the job is not as easy as it seems, fruit picking calls for early mornings and full days of bending over vines and pulling heavy baskets around in the heat, along with low wages. If you are a hard worker and don’t mind being put through your paces, fruit picking might just be the ideal job for you if you desire a future in agriculture whilst diving into another countries culture.

With a highly flourishing culture pervading a laid back pace of life, there are few better places in the world to work than in Italy.