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There is a broad range of jobs in the camping industry with many different companies, providing employment for thousands of staff each summer. Whether you have just completed university, are taking a gap year or are just looking for employment in the UK or overseas, working at a campsite in the UK, Europe or overseas offers something for everyone, whatever your age. There are many large companies which dominate the market and offer a varied selection of campsite and holiday park jobs but there are also smaller companies or those that operate on a single site with vacancies.

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Nederlands sprekende receptionist(e) gezocht voor Italiaanse camping!


All-Round Entertainer at Campsite in Italy

Jobs can range from managing a site, campsite couriers organizing accommodation, working as an area rep to running children’s clubs and entertainment, cleaning, maintenance or even providing specialist activities such as kayaking, sailing and outdoor educational programs. As always a large number of vacancies can usually be found in the hospitality field as caterers, waiters or administrative/reception staff especially on the larger sites. With some of the largest sites accommodating up to 1500 units the range of posts available mean that there really is a position for everyone, whether a hands-on, practical position or one involving your customer service experience and skills.

There are many advantages in taking a campsite or holiday park job and this type of experience can be very rewarding for all involved. If you want to work overseas there are many countries where you can apply to work at a campsite or on a holiday park primarily around Western Europe in France, Germany, The Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, UK or choose one of the camping jobs in the United States. You will need to apply really early for these positions as they can get taken quickly. Working abroad you will get to experience wonderful cultures and people and the freedom and independence of working abroad. You may work with international colleagues and improve your language skills, meet guests from different countries and stay at unique locations. It’s a great learning experience and as well as enriching your life you enrich your CV too.

Campsite Jobs

The working season for campsite and holiday park jobs can begin at different times of the year, which may be determined by the location of the campsite, its popularity and size. Some jobs such as the campsite courier may require you to be on-site for up to 5 months. Other jobs may be for a few weeks at a time as these workers help to open up and close the campsite, assembling tents, checking the infrastructure of the accommodation including mobile homes and caravans. These positions require hard work and a hands-on teamwork approach but de-montage and montage workers usually get the chance to move between sites in different areas giving them the opportunity to see more of the country.

For jobs on campsites and holiday parks you need to be enthusiastic, flexible and hard-working with a strong emphasis on customer service. You need to be able to work as a part of a close team as well as being able to cope under pressure or working alone. Strong social and people skills are a must and a knowledge of other languages is always useful. So if you’re looking for a new experience and are open to embracing different situations and meeting new people, a job on a campsite or holiday park could be just the ticket for you.

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