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Au pair and childcare jobs are perfect for someone wanting to fully immerse themselves in the culture of a different country, as they provide the opportunity to live with a host family, experiencing the day to day life of the locals, as well as the chance to improve language skills. The au pair is responsible for helping the family with childcare, as well as assisting with some light household tasks such as tidying or washing clothes. In return, the au pair is provided with accommodation in the family home, and a wage which varies in amount depending on which country the role is taking place.

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There are opportunities for au pair and childcare jobs around the world, with families in France to Australia to Germany to Dubai looking to host English speaking au pairs, who can help improve their children’s English language skills. As with any job abroad, it will be beneficial if you already have some basic skills of the local language to help you get by, but this by no means needs to be perfect, as a large motivation behind you being in a new country should be to develop your language skills. Au pairs and childcare jobs are one of the best ways you can improve your linguistic ability as you are fully immersed in the language, meaning you’ll be heading home with a wealth of new experience to add to your CV.

To be hired for au pair and childcare jobs you do not necessarily need a childcare qualification, but childcare experience is definitely required. The level of experience depends on the host’s desires, so do not be deterred if you have less experience than some require – there is sure to be a role in a family that fits your skill set perfectly! The overall goal of au pairing abroad is the mutual cultural exchange which benefits both parties; the au pair brings linguistic teaching ability, a new culture and experience for the household, and the hosting family provide an insight into their culture, offer support and provide accommodation in the new environment.

Au Pair and Childcare Jobs

Childcare jobs can also come in different forms to au pair jobs, and are a great alternative if you do not think living with a family is the right choice for you. There are opportunities across the seasons to work in more traditional childcare roles, such as creches in ski or holiday resorts, or nurseries in a variety of locations – the options are limitless! In these roles you will have a more structured day, with a larger number of children to look after, so certain qualifications and certificates might be required depending on the laws of the country. With these roles you are likely to receive a higher wage, but you will have to locate and fund your own accommodation, so it is important to research living costs in the country you want to move to, to ensure your wage is sufficient.

Au pair and childcare jobs offer the amazing opportunity to experience a new culture in a homely and comfortable way, with the added bonus of meeting locals and being provided with a great insight into the customs of your new home. So, if you are ready to start the adventure of a lifetime, what are you waiting for? Check out au pair and childcare jobs on our site today!

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