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Do you have experience with customer service and sales jobs but you are ready for a change of scenery? Take your skills global and find a role abroad, allowing you to experience a brand new culture, meet people from all over the world and discover your independence!

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Arbeite als Kundenbetreuer von Zuhause aus in Bulgarien für eine international bekannte Unterwäsche-Marke


Digital Sales Representative with Romanian-English needed in Krakow, Poland

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Czech-Speaking Customer Service Agent in Athens, Greece


Hungarian-Speakers needed for Customer Support in Athens, Greece


Athens awaits: Customer Service roles open for Czech speakers!


Customer Service roles for Slovak speakers in Athens


Turkish-speaking customer service agent wanted for leading social media platforms!

Hungarian-speaking Travel Advisor needed in beautiful Brno, Czech Republic

Hungarian-speaking Travel Advisor needed in beautiful Brno, Czechia


Turkish-speaking customer service agent in sunny Lisbon


Become an English-speaking Airline Sales & Marketing Executive in Malta


English-speaking Airline Sales, Ticketing, and Reservations Officer needed in Malta!

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Polish Travel Advisor for Lufthansa in historic Brno, Czechia wanted!

Customer service jobs can be found all over the globe, with thousands of companies having customer service centers located in hotspots such as Barcelona, Athens, Amsterdam and Lisbon to name a few. Customer service representative roles are predicted to continue growing at a rapid pace, meaning there are an increasing number of roles available that can take you all over the world.

To work in customer service you are required to be a friendly person with excellent communication, but often no professional experience is needed is you are just venturing into this sector. Wages vary depending on the location and the company you are working for, but companies tend to be looking for native speakers of different languages, meaning a relocation package is often offered, which can include flights being paid for, temporary accommodation and assistance with finding a permanent address, meaning the moving transition for customer service jobs are made as smooth as possible.

Customer Service Sales Jobs

There are also plenty of sales jobs up for grabs all around the world, with a variety of roles on offer depending on your experience, meaning there are opportunities for all levels of expertise. As with customer service jobs, the wages vary depending on location and the company you are employed by, but companies sometimes offer relocation packages with sales jobs too.

As the interconnected global marketplace continues to grow, and companies expand their operations to cities all over the world, there is no better time to pursue a career in sales – who knows where it will take you! China, Canada, France and Germany are just a few places that offer roles ranging from sales internships to senior sales positions, meaning whatever experience you have you can start the adventure of a lifetime in a brand new city!

If customer service and sales jobs abroad sound like the right fit for you, check out available roles on Anywork Anywhere and see where you could be heading next!

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