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Volunteering - where to?

Anywork Anywhere’s range of voluntary work opportunities all over the world mean your options are limitless…whether you fancy immersing yourself in Asia’s diverse culture, tasting the finest European foods, chasing the sun down under, or experiencing Africa, wherever you end up you will be sure to make a difference and change your own life too.

Why do voluntary work abroad?

If you are looking to travel and to discover a new country, voluntary work might not have crossed your mind, however, it can be the right fit for you! Some programs offer accommodation, which means you won’t have to worry about finding a place to stay in another country. Plus, you will meet other volunteers coming from everywhere. As you completely immerse yourself in the country’s culture by helping them, you will make meaningful connections with like-minded people, you can learn a new language and definitely learn new skills.

Voluntary work is rewarding in so many ways. By giving your time to any charity or organization in need, you can feel useful and do something that has meaning. The organizations you help will always be grateful, and is there a better gift to feel like you’re making a difference in the world?

What kind of voluntary work can you do?

Usually, organizations are looking for all the help they can get. Therefore, you can try to do voluntary work abroad in a new field of interest. You’ve never done teaching before but that is something you would like to try? Well, many organizations look for English speakers to teach kids. You are attracted to developing your skills in carpentry or any other handwork? Go to a country that has been hit with a tsunami and help them repair their homes! Do you love animals but never got the chance to live close to them? There are many animal shelters in every country, so take the opportunity to help strays that will give you so much love in return.

The good thing about voluntary work is that regardless of your age, your background, or your experience, you have something to share and have the means to help a project. We will only advise you to take into consideration your physical condition and your health – don’t volunteer to build a house in the Philipinnes if you faint easily from the heat and effort.

Here is a detailed list of types of voluntary work abroad you can do.

Environmental voluntary work: Help save the planet!

  • Volunteer in ecovillages: a place where people who have decided to live sustainably by eating vegan, growing their own vegetables, doing yoga, meditation…
  • Volunteer in organic farms: it can be physically demanding so you need to be healthy and ready to work hard. You will learn how to grow vegetables and take care of them as well as animals

Voluntary work with animals: perfect for animal lovers

  • Volunteer in Animal farms: where you can learn a sustainable animal farming
  • Participate in Wildlife conservation projects: to help turtles you can go to Greece, or to help the bee conservation, you can go to Ecuador!
  • Animal rescue and animal care: so many strays that have been rescued or are waiting to be rescued need help everywhere in the world. You can find animal shelter anywhere in the world from Spain to India

Social voluntary work: help those in need

  • NGOs and schools in third world countries need help : help children without any family, bring them joy and love
  • Voluntary work as a teacher : you can teach  English, sport, basic computer knowledge… There are so many things you know how to do and you can pass on your knowledge to underprivileged people
  • Help refugees : in the last few years, many NGOs have been helping by teaching them a new language, helping them with interviews, developing their skills to find a job…
  • Spend time with the elderly who don’t have anyone. Sometimes just listening to people can make a huge difference

Other voluntary work you can find

  • Voluntary work in hospitality : help a hostel, a homestay, or a yoga center
  • Voluntary work in social media, marketing : help different businesses or charities with their social media presence, help with fundraising…
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Paid or free voluntary work abroad?

You can find many opportunities to volunteer abroad, however, you might wonder why some of them are free and why you have to pay for others.

Organizations usually have a hard time earning enough money to accomplish their mission, leave alone cover their volunteers’ expenses.
So when a program asks a volunteer’s fees, the money usually covers your accommodation, food, and sometimes airport transfer. The fees you pay also allow the organization to reach its goal.

When there is a fee to volunteer, it can also be taken more seriously. When you pay, you want to make the best out of the experience. That’s why some programs decide on a fee, which also shows some motivation from the volunteer.

Some organizations are free because they might have enough donations to cover their volunteers’ expenses, or they might be small so they can’t offer enough to make people pay or it might even be that it’s cheaper for them to have free volunteers instead of paying workers.

How to choose the best voluntary work abroad for you?

With so many opportunities to choose in between, it can be hard to know where to start. We will advise that’s the first step you take is asking yourself some questions.

  • What makes me happy?

Do you like the outdoors? Do you enjoy handy work? Do you like being with kids? Try to figure out what you enjoy doing to find a volunteering opportunity that will suit your likes.

  • How long do I want to volunteer?

If you only want to go volunteer abroad for a week or two then maybe don’t volunteer with refugees or kids who will need some time before they get comfortable with you. You can rather consider voluntary work with animals or on a farm…

  • Where do I want to go? 

For some people, the volunteering opportunity is more important than the destination, so they decide on that first. But if you want to go to a certain country, then your choices of voluntary work can be a little restrained.

  • What is my goal? 

Do you want to learn a new skill? Like how to grow vegetables, or you want to learn about permaculture. Or maybe you want to learn a new language? 

Whatever the answers are, you can find voluntary work abroad that will be perfect for you! Check our destinations below.

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