Voluntary work in USA

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in USA

You have always dreamed of volunteering abroad, but is it worth it to fly around the world just to end up volunteering in the United States? Well of course! Out of the whole world regarding places to live, work or volunteer, the USA should be at the top of the list. In simple terms, all of the opportunities found elsewhere are found in America. Voluntary work in the USA will also allow you to explore the significant differences between the regions of each coast and will provide you with an incredibly unique experience that can be quite varied from one state to another.

Where to volunteer in USA

Voluntary work in the USA is not hard to find so there’s no need to worry about a lack of opportunities awaiting you, although you may struggle to choose where as the list is endless!

A few places that offer different experiences include: New York City, Denver and San Diego.

New York City, New York: It is no wonder that New York is at the top of the list! As a cosmopolitan, international center for business, tourism, arts and history… New York should be the first place you search for volunteer projects in the United States. Although regarding New York City, we all know that it’s an expensive city so take your budget into consideration before bagging your exciting voluntary work in the USA.

Denver, Colorado: As the largest city within a 500-mile radius of the Mountain West. Denver offers natural beauty that is not spoken about enough, the city offers an appealing centrality to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. Denver is also quickly growing as an international volunteering hub within the United States, thanks to its efforts to protect the environment and wildlife and maintain its beauty.

San Diego, California: Known for being the “sunny beach town”, San Diego is so much more than this! The city has a strong community feel thanks to its rich history and geographic location. Individuals looking for voluntary work in the USA will be able to learn about America’s trade, exchange and tourism at the Port of San Diego and will be able to interact with other international travelers.

Volunteering projects in USA

If the huge list of location options is too much for you… maybe take a look at the different reasons to volunteer in the USA to inspire you! While the environment and healthcare are at the top of the Americans list, here is why.

Environment: The USA is home to some of the most diverse landscapes and environments on the planet, with each state and city having something incredible to see, each one of these are in need of protection from the growing concern of global climate change. You are sure to find your environmental niche when you search for voluntary work in the USA.

Healthcare: Count yourself lucky if you are coming from a country where healthcare is a right that you may even take for granted! Volunteering in the United States is a good place to start where many suffering people go without adequate healthcare on a daily basis. As such, health volunteers and always in-demand and are very valuable to many communities.