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TEFL Fact Check!

Thinking of doing a TEFL Course or finding a teaching job abroad, but heard rumours that are putting you off taking the plunge? Luckily for you we have done a TEFL fact check, addressing the myths and giving you the real answers! We’re sure that after reading this, any TEFL doubts will be put at ease and you’ll be booking a flight to start your next adventure in no time! So read on to put the worries to bed and get a push in the TEFL direction…

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Moving abroad for a TEFL job? What you need to know!

So you’ve passed the course, landed your dream job in a far away land and your adventure teaching a language abroad is fast approaching! In the midst of all the excitement, you might be a bit apprehensive about what teaching abroad entails, but don’t worry! We have gathered some handy tips that you might not have yet thought about to make sure you feel as prepared as possible to make the transition into your new lifestyle abroad a smooth one!