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Language Teaching and TEFL jobs are sought after by people from all backgrounds and the prospect of teaching in a beautiful location, surrounded by enthusiastic locals and the opportunity to immerse yourself in the culture makes it clear why. Teaching English abroad, whether for a summer, a year or as the start of a long term career is an incredible opportunity that is an amazing exchange between you and your new home; you bring your teaching ability as a native speaker to some of the billion people who are learning English worldwide, and in return you get the cultural experience of a lifetime, opening yourself up to unique opportunities with the added bonus of the role looking amazing on your CV!

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The best part is that you don’t even need any qualifications to be hired as a language teacher abroad! As long as you are a native speaker of the language you are applying to teach, this counts as qualification enough, meaning there is nothing holding you back from the experience of a lifetime! Asia, Europe and Latin America tend to be the best places to focus your search for language teaching jobs if you do not have any qualifications, with many amazing countries to experience!

However, some countries do require qualifications for you to be considered for language teaching jobs, and in this scenario a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) or even a degree can be required – but this varies so make sure you are looking at the job requirements carefully when applying. TEFL courses can be found all over, and you can complete it online or in a physical class depending on what fits your schedule – investing the time into achieving this certificate will definitely benefit you if you are serious about landing language teaching and TEFL jobs, as it means you can apply in even more locations – the world is your oyster! There is also the possibility of teaching private lessons, which can have better pay, so this is an avenue worth looking into if you want to work and live in a country with high living costs.

Language teaching and TEFL jobs are extremely rewarding roles, as you see your students grow in ability and confidence as you support them through their learning journey. What’s more, you get to experience this in a beautiful setting, whether it is the bustling city of Paris, under the hot sun in Cambodia, experiencing the amazing culture in China or even in the Andes of Peru. Sound like your dream job? Make your dream a reality and search for roles on Anywork Anywhere today!

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