Voluntary work in the Bahamas

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Bahamas

Voluntary work in the Bahamas can hardly be called work considering the setting of the projects; comprised of 700 islands and over 2,000 cays spread over 100,000 square miles of the clearest water in the world, you will feel as though you are on holiday…with the added benefit of your presence having a positive impact on the beautiful scenery and society around you! Voluntary work in the Bahamas promise that you’ll return home a suntan, and have an adventure that you will never forget…

Where to volunteer in Bahamas

Wherever you are in the Bahamas is sure to be beautiful, featuring sandy white beaches and incredibly clear water that you just want to dive into. Whether you find yourself amongst the swimming pigs in the Exuma Cays, or in the boating capital of the world in the Abacas, you have the chance to experience unique opportunities at every turn, as well as the added benefit of knowing that you are lending a helping hand to the amazing destination!

Andros, the biggest but least-populated island, is a great location to undertake voluntary work in the Bahamas due to the exceptional natural surroundings; the world’s third-largest barrier reef filled with tropical fish – great for amateur and serious divers alike.

Eleuthera is a 100-mile long island of pink beaches, filled with the history of being the birthplace of the Bahamas. The name means ‘free’ – and you’ll be experiencing plenty of freedom in this high-energy destination that offers amazing waves, off-the-beaten track exploration and the Devil’s Backbone.

Volunteering projects in Bahamas

There are plenty of ecological opportunities for those seeking voluntary work in the Bahamas, primarily the mission to save the turtles! Researchers require volunteers help to protect turtle habitats from coastal erosion and climate change, assisting professionals with researching and monitoring turtle habitats by snorkeling, boating and swimming alongside the turtle in the turquoise oceans to gather information.

Similarly, marine conservation is another option for those wanting to participate in voluntary work in the Bahamas. Volunteers have the amazing opportunity to explore coral reefs and marine wildlife, help record environmental data and swim in the warm Bahamian waters to help researchers better understand how to protect marine life.

If you would prefer to volunteer with people, despite the Bahamas being quite developed there are still areas that require volunteer assistance. Community voluntary work in the Bahamas consists of working on a variety of development projects that can include construction, gardening and painting.