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The Finland you see will depend on the season of your visit, as the ever changing environment of the country located in Northern Europe means it offers something different to visitors as each month passes, but what remains consistent is the Nordic tranquility that embodies the perfect balance of excitement and tranquility. Sparkling snow blankets forests in the winter whilst the northern lights radiate in the sky, where the stark contrast of the short summer months see the sun still shining at midnight. As economic and social leaders of the region, pristine wildlife and bustling cities remain traditional and comforting, and those jetting off for voluntary work in Finland will experience the splendid beauty of the land.

Where to volunteer in Finland

Made up of almost 180,000 islands, 190,000 lakes, 4,500 kilometers of coastline and sharing borders with Sweden, Russia, and Norway, there is a somewhat overwhelming number of stunning destinations offering voluntary work in Finland. However, despite Finland’s relatively large size, only around five million people inhabit the country, meaning quiet and remote areas are its major selling point for volunteers.

Helsinki is Finland’s capital and largest city with a population of around 600,000 that provides an up and coming art scene, amazing and unusual food, and Scandinavian style that volunteers are sure to fall in love with. Helsinki Central Park, multiple museums and neoclassical buildings mean voluntary work in Finland’s capital is a sight to behold.

Located on the west coast, Pori is another city that offers a great opportunity for voluntary work in Finland. Famous for its nine-day international jazz festival held in July, where renowned musicians have played there, the small city also offers the chance to relax in a spa, try windsurfing on the popular Yyteri Beach or hike in the beautiful scenery, meaning it is impossible to have a dull day in the Scandinavian setting.

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Volunteering projects in Finland

Voluntary work in Finland means having the chance to experience Finland’s Scandinavian culture and beautiful wildlife, whilst providing support to local communities. Popular ways to volunteer in Finland includes education programs, where volunteers assist school staff, which is also a great opportunity to practice your Finnish!

Social work is another rewarding role, as volunteers help people with disabilities with their needs through fun workshops, art therapy and gardening. There is also the chance to volunteer with community development, maintaining public spaces and assisting with festivities.