Voluntary work in Netherlands

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Netherlands

The Netherlands may be one of the happiest and most prosperous countries in the world, although there is always need for a helping hand. The Netherlands is a small yet densely populated country in Northwest Europe where tradition and innovation intertwine. The thriving country is made popular from its rich history, artistic masterpieces, windmills, tulip fields and iconic capital city of Amsterdam. Voluntary work in the Netherlands will provide volunteers a fun and adventurous experience allowing each individual to dive into the Dutch culture and make a difference in local communities.

Where to volunteer in Netherlands

The Netherlands is a small country where none of the major cities exceed a population of over one million residents. Most voluntary work in the Netherlands allows volunteers to venture out of the main cities to live and work in more rural areas, towns and villages. Although some of the main cities do provide popular volunteering opportunities:

Amsterdam is the Netherlands capital and largest city. A historically vital port city located on the famous Amstel river, Amsterdam is a very popular international destination for travelers around the world. Even though it may be best known for its infamous coffee shops and the red light district, Amsterdam is centered by its hundreds of beautiful canals and unique houses. Amsterdam is now a thriving global city and is one of the most important financial centres in Europe, making it a great location for individuals to live and volunteer.

Other cities that are popular for voluntary work in the Netherlands are Utrecht, Rotterdam, or Hague. Utrecht is both a cultural and educational capital of the Netherlands, whilst Rotterdam is a commercial city and is Europe’s largest port, known for its beautiful coastline and modern architecture. The Hague, is a main city of the United Nations and is where the Dutch government and many international organizations lie. Each of these cities offer a distinctly different atmosphere and environment, although all locations are perfect for voluntary work in the Netherlands.

Volunteering projects in Netherlands

Popular voluntary work in the Netherlands includes projects within child care, youth development, animal welfare and environmental preservation. Even though the Netherlands is known to be a highly developed country, the country still suffers from the inevitable social and environmental issues that occur around the world, which are in constant need of help from volunteers. Voluntary work in the Netherlands is also popular within helping with the homeless, in schools or other community development projects.

Voluntary work in the Netherlands range widely as some volunteer programs will place individuals in one location for a long time, however others will combine these volunteers with travel throughout the country, however these types of projects are usually shorter in length due to costs. As the type of voluntary work in the Netherlands includes various sectors, it really does depend on which one you choose regarding how long you will be required. Whilst the Netherlands has a temperate climate and can get considerably cold and wet in the Winter months, Summer time is considered to be the ideal time for voluntary work in the Netherlands.