Voluntary work in Portugal

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Portugal

With the global economy shifting greatly over recent decades, so has the economy in Portugal, leaving many families left in unexpected situations. If you want to gain the chance to learn Portuguese, visit the Azore Islands and experience an unbeaten path of Portugal, then keep reading to find out how you can contribute to the local communities who need your help through voluntary work in Portugal.

Where to volunteer in Portugal

Portugal has many amazing locations where voluntary work is popular, though most places specify in particular types of sectors. For example, home building projects often take place in the main cities such as Braga, Porto and Lisbon. With volunteering projects revolving around helping communities with poverty problems or global recession usually take place in urban areas.

Voluntary work in Portugal may entail being paired with local families to Au Pair, work on their farm or even teach them English, this usually happens in the more rural areas. Other volunteering opportunities include helping with conservation efforts, such as whale or dolphin conservation initiatives in the Azores Isles. These types of coastal placements will undoubtedly provide volunteers with a beautiful backdrop for their voluntary work in Portugal.

Volunteering projects in Portugal

With the changing global economy, many socio economic issues have developed in Portugal which has of course led to an increased need for volunteers and international aid. One issue that requires volunteers year round is poverty. Many Portuguese families have been left unemployed or live below the poverty line, with housing conditions declining rapidly, introducing the need for home improvement projects. Volunteers are able to get involved and improve locals lives and also develop communities as a whole.

The growing globalization has also introduced the need for English teachers for voluntary work in Portugal. Volunteer opportunities can be based in rural schools or more generally in the highly impoverished populations. These English language skills help both children and adults to increase their employability in local tourism and hospitality sectors, opening up more opportunities for them as the world becomes increasingly more interconnected.

Portugal is a nation focused on agriculture – therefore the opportunities to volunteer on farms to help families with their crops whilst also learn about the different landscapes, farming and growing methods used in Portugal is a popular choice. In order to help protect their stunning natural landscape both inland, coastal and offshore in Portugal, environmental and marine conservation efforts are put in place around the country. Voluntary work in this field will have the chance to help impact the growing visibility of conservation issues across the globe whilst protecting the nation’s threatened species.