Voluntary work in Poland

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Poland

Poland’s roots go back to the 10th century, leaving more than a thousand years of picturesque cities and castles to explore, and has a culture like no other. Due to World War II history, where Poland was in the middle of epic fights and had a remarkable survival – the effects of these battles can be seen everywhere. Poland appreciate their history and their rich Jewish heritage and offer various heritage trails where you can trace the history at your own pace. Located in the North East of Europe and being a highly developed and stable country in terms of both economy and government, Poland provides many volunteering opportunities.

Where to volunteer in Poland

Poland has developed in leaps and bounds in the last century, yet there are still many sectors which can be improved, also in several locations. Great places for voluntary work in Poland are Krakow and Warsaw, both including their own strengths and deep histories, no option is the wrong option!

Krakow is a city in which endures its medieval, charming and mythical aura. Previously known to be the city founded on the remains of a defeated dragon and the center of power and administration in Poland, it is now the home of incredible churches, rich museums and the famous main square “Rynek Główny”. The famous district of Kazimierz is popular for volunteers as they can reflect on the history whilst they enjoy the modernity of the city. If you are seeking voluntary work in Poland in regards to teaching English, Krakow can provide you these opportunities in a big city with deep history and beautiful architecture.

Warsaw is the capital of Poland, and has been undergoing a big construction since 1989 to regain what they lost during the WWII. These efforts provide opportunities for volunteers to help revive the city. Warsaw is another city that is centered around a square, however is has an exceptional mix of communist construction, modern architecture and beautiful restored Gothic buildings. In addition to these aspects, Warsaw also has the best eating and entertainment in the whole of Poland, and is perfect for those volunteers looking for an exciting experience.

Volunteering projects in Poland

While the most popular volunteer opportunity in Poland is to teach English, many other opportunities also arise in the social sector. Many of the most common ways to volunteer in Poland include working with the elderly or youth, or within renovation and construction – all of which you are not required to know English!

Teaching English: As English language skills are in such high demand, especially within employability, this is definitely the largest voluntary work in Poland. Volunteer within English teaching comes in various options, such as being placed in an informal setting, such as helping with extracurricular activities or in a more formal setting such as helping in a classroom with academic studies.

Working with the elderly: One interesting type of voluntary work in Poland is helping with senior citizens at care homes. These types of voluntary work are usually focused on assisting the elderly with their day-to-day life, and simply chatting with them. Volunteers helping community centers with the senior citizens will help out with a variety of activities, including English teaching classes or other educational courses and facilitating workshops.

Youth Development: Poland may be economically stable yet the economic status of particular areas still isn’t up to scratch, and this affects the younger population more. Voluntary work in Poland gives individuals the opportunity to help youth members who are at risk in various ways, by teaching them English or different skills, helping them personally or encouraging them to be better, overall a very rewarding experience for volunteers.