Voluntary work in Mauritius

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Mauritius

Mauritius is famed for its sapphire waters, white sandy beaches and luxurious resorts – but it really is much more than these! Mauritius is a destination that rewards even the smallest explorations, such as hiking in the forested and mountainous interior and world-class diving and snorkeling, the list of incredible activities available are endless. Mauritius is classed a guiding example of progressive democracy in Africa, and more tourists are visiting each year, voluntary work in Mauritius is a great way to appreciate the country’s beautiful scenery whilst also helping to preserve it.

Where to volunteer in Mauritius

Mauritius lacks in land mass with only 787 square miles comprising the whole country, although it definitely makes up for this in biological and geographic diversity and beautiful scenery. Port Louis, the capital and the largest city of Mauritius may be known as a small city by standards with only one-tenth of the 1.2 million population of Mauritius living there. However, it is the main city for most visitors and volunteers, boasting opportunities for volunteers to enjoy its colonial history along with its diverse cultural characteristics.

Most voluntary work in Mauritius focuses on coastal communities where ecological conservation is required. There are many smaller and more remote islands just off of Mauritius where volunteers can spend their days working, such as Ile de la Passe; a rocky islet in the bay off Grand Port, a landmass of rocks, sand and palm trees although serves as an important base of operations for activities in the surrounding waters. In the tiny seaside communities surrounded La Preneuse beach, volunteers are also able to work and stay in settings close to nature with the natives. Mauritius is among the densest countries in the world, most areas are well-populated so this is the perfect location for those looking for a peaceful environment close to national parks, mountains and preserves.

Volunteering projects in Mauritius

As previously mentioned, voluntary work in Mauritius is mainly focused on conservation, usually divided into marine and land-based volunteer opportunities. The country of Mauritius is known to have a huge amount of biodiversity yet however struggles to save endangered species from becoming extinct. If you are a volunteer looking for opportunities within conservation, Mauritius is the place for you!

Marine conservation projects involves encouraging volunteers to monitor, protect and restore the surroundings of the island, such as the coral reefs and endangered animals such as the turtles. Voluntary work in Mauritius allows volunteers to spend time in both the famous sapphire waters and enjoy the spectacular views from boats. On the other hand, on land, voluntary work in Mauritius focuses on conservation of the beaches. As Mauritius’ beaches are a growing popular spot for tourists from around the world, gaining volunteers to ensure that the white sand beaches and rainforests are protected is an important task.