Voluntary work in South Korea

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in South Korea

South Korea is a popular Asian tourist destination, and has much more to offer than just K-Pop groups and taekwondo. There is no shortage of fascinating history in South Korea, whereas it also fits perfectly into the modern world, classed as one of the most industrious nations in the world! Voluntary work in South Korea will allow volunteers to switch between old and new world projects, with volunteering opportunities ranging from childcare and community building to agriculture projects.

Where to volunteer in South Korea

South Korea, just East of China and is located between the Sea of Japan and the Yellow Sea, is known to have a unique and varied geography. Involving thriving cities such as the capital city of Seoul to its smaller fishing villages in Gangwon province to the stunning islands.

The capital city of Seoul is one of Asia’s not-so hidden gems. Seoul is located in the Northwest of the country and has a population of around 10 million people, making it the second largest metro area in the world. The city may appear to be urbanized yet this is usually mistaken as it is divided by the Han River and various mountains, allowing the city to embrace its active and outdoorsy characteristics. Seoul is the perfect place for individuals looking for voluntary work in South Korea and seeking opportunities within nature and the outdoors, along with history. Volunteers will be able to enjoy the thriving nightlife, delicious food and ancient architecture and have a wide choice of voluntary work projects – a city that caters for everyone!

Voluntary work more towards the Gangwon Province capital city of Chuncheon is also a popular option, only two hours to the East. The city is centered by its beautiful small river islands and year-round festivals, making it a popular destination for all types of tourists, and volunteers.

Volunteering projects in South Korea

Voluntary work in South Korea gives individuals an amazing opportunity to jump into a different culture and enter another world, with rewarding volunteering projects to enhance the lives of those in need, such as childcare, teaching English or community development.

South Korea as a whole is classed as a very developed nation, although there are still many areas in which require further development, where volunteers work is appreciated. Those who look for voluntary work in South Korea and go out of the capital city of Seoul will find many more community-based volunteer opportunities.

No matter in which sector you are interested and choose to do voluntary work in South Korea, individuals will all have the chance to gain a better understanding and appreciation for the Korean culture and locals. Most volunteers seek to experience the levels of culture most tourists will not have the chance too, such as cooking and preparing Korean meals and participating in evening activities. Voluntary work in South Korea usually can last anywhere between a couple of weeks to a year, so the choice is yours depending on which type of volunteering project you would like to join.