Voluntary work in Taiwan

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Taiwan

The island of Taiwan is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Located off the eastern shore of China, Taiwan is a hidden gem for all, although sometimes underrated by some of its larger neighboring countries. Voluntary work in Taiwan allows individuals to dive into its unique blend of cultural contrasts as well as the chance to explore cultural, social and political challenges by supporting local projects, in many sectors such as social work, education or community outreach.

Where to volunteer in Taiwan

Although Taiwan is one of the most underrated and overlooked destinations in Asia, the country is comprised of sandy beaches, beautiful picturesque mountains, jungles, flowing waterfalls and just an incredible landscape overall. Another huge benefit of the country is that Taiwan is one of the most welcoming countries in the world, so volunteers heading here will always feel welcome and come across locals who will be so kind and generous throughout their time there.

Taipei is the capital city of Taiwan, as well as being the largest city, which is why many volunteers seek to start their experience here. While volunteering in Taipei, individuals will be able to explore the mix of Chinese, Japanese and Western cultures in food, architecture and arts. They will gain the ability to seek out the historical temples, city centers and the growing nightlife. Taipei is full of Taiwanese culture, so volunteers will not miss out on experiencing the culture through any voluntary work in Taiwan opportunities.

Located in the most traditional part of the island, Tainan welcomes visitors with a mix of both old and new aspects as the culture capital of Taiwan. Tainan is one of the oldest cities in Taiwan although is classed as a modern city full of ancient historical landmarks. Traditionalists thrive on the enduring culture that lives on through its festivals, ceremonies and temples, Taiwan communities truly hope to preserve the past, which allows volunteers to dive into the culture.

Kaohsiung has been transformed from an industrial town into a modern city within Taiwan. Voluntary work here allows individuals to explore the modern essentials such as cafes and community parks as well as enjoying the urban landscapes, which also includes two beaches!

Volunteering projects in Taiwan

Voluntary work in Taiwan allows individuals to travel with a purpose, experiencing meaningful travel in order to have a positive impact on local communities. As a volunteer in Taiwan, you will gain so many learning experiences for yourself, as families and individuals will be so open with you and share their culture and lifestyle with you.

While volunteering in Taiwan, volunteers can work on various community development projects. Volunteer opportunities are popular in working with children from underprivileged families, whether you are organizing activities, allowing them to be creative, or simply keeping them happy, you are needed! Volunteers in Taiwan are pushed to complete placements geared towards their professional careers; such as disability assistance, education or social services, and there are many opportunities.

Voluntary work in Taiwan range in length, volunteering placements can be from seven to twelve months usually. The longer you commit to volunteering, the greater your impact on the local community can be.