Voluntary work in Belgium

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Belgium

Nestled in the heart of Europe, Belgium offers the perfect mix of history and modernity, showcasing immense bustling cities with quaint traditions such as Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges. Admired for delicious Belgian chocolate, its historic beer-making past, and famed for tasty waffles, mussels and fries, Belgium is home to 60 UNESCO World Heritage sites, fascinating museums and galleries, meaning there is food for everyone and sights galore.

Where to volunteer in Belgium

Divided into three regions, Belgium’s inhabitants speak in a range of languages including Dutch (referred to as Flemish) and French despite being one of the smallest countries in Europe. The language differs depending on where in the small country you are, so those interested in voluntary work in Belgium should keep this language factor in mind; however, it is no problem if you do not speak a second language, as English is widely spoken throughout the country, although it is a good idea to try and learn some phrases before you jet off to volunteer in Belgium to help you in your day to day life!

Brussels is the first place that comes to mind when planning voluntary work in Belgium; as the country’s capital with a population of one million, Brussels is a culturally charming and historically rich city that boasts a number of sights including the Grand Place and the EU headquarters. This makes Brussels a dazzling choice to volunteer that offers both a range of diverse inhabitants and voluntary opportunities.

Antwerp is the second largest Belgian city, and despite still being relatively small has a rich architectural and artistic heritage that receives around three million visitors annually. Antwerp is a great option for those looking for voluntary work in Belgium as you will be able to soak up the impressive Gothic to postmodern architecture, volunteering in projects related to community development projects to support refugees and minorities.

Ghent, Bruges and Liege are other beautiful destinations that offer voluntary work in Belgium, jam-packed with open parks and squares, galleries and museums and architecture that makes even walking around the streets a great way to spend an afternoon.

Volunteering projects in Belgium

Voluntary work in Belgium can vary from lasting a few weeks to up to a year, and can include tutoring, community development, arts and culture placements to name a few. Teaching English is a great option for volunteers, as you will gain valuable teaching experience and pad out your resume, and be able to initiate a cultural exchange between you and Belgium’s native, alongside helping to improve your students’ future employability!

Another great opportunity is to undertake voluntary work in Belgium that has a positive social impact on those less privileged. Social work volunteers will have the chance to support communities in need, whether that is in the form of tutoring, education, community events or just generally assisting those who need help. You will have an endless amount of options, which results in an endless amount of opportunities and variation.

For those interested in the arts, there is voluntary work in Belgium that encompasses these interests – this may include teaching a painting class, working at a drama school or volunteering backstage at a theatrical event. Of course you will have the added benefit of pursuing your passion with beautiful Belgium as a backdrop.