Voluntary work in Germany

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Germany

Voluntary work in Germany means indulging in delicious food, surrounding yourself with stunning scenery and delighting in the rich history that shines through the architecture, culture and day to day life of the German. The European country has the fourth largest economy in the world, which is reflected in the pristine cities, yet deep forests, the momentous Alps and cool coasts mean nature lover will also get their fill while volunteering in Germany. Volunteers will have the chance to truly experience the German culture whilst working to leave a positive impact on its people.

Where to volunteer in Germany

As the most populous country in Europe, Germany’s globally oriented cities enjoy wealth that shines through in the advanced transport systems and social services. However, as with the majority of large cities there are still underprivileged communities who fall through the cracks, and voluntary work in Germany helps to support these through community development. Berlin, the capital and largest city with a population of 3.5 million, is a great place for those volunteering in Germany to soak up the culture of a historic city; the balance of glamour and grit produces a mesmerizing selection of vibrant culture and cutting-edge architecture.

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany, with a population of around 1.8 million, and the largest port city, earning itself the nickname ‘The gateway to the world’. Home to incredible architectural feats, including The Elbphilharmonie, Hamburg has a reputation as one of the coolest cities in the country with unique experiences (think a former WWII bunker and turned it into a nightclub), meaning voluntary work in Germany’s maritime gem is far from boring.

Munich is the third largest city, but the Bavarian capital has so much to offer, including seven centuries of brewing tradition and boasting Oktoberfest which draws 6 million visitors annually! Known as the city of art and beer, you will mix culture with great beverages visiting the limitless galleries, museums and pubs. Experience Gemütlichkeit – the locals’ word for inexpressible intermingling of coziness, well-being and laid-back attitude as a volunteer in Germany.

If you want to experience Germany outside of the vibrant cities, there are plenty of volunteer opportunities in the country’s rural areas; volunteer roles here can include education, childcare and health services with the backdrop of the beautiful German countryside.

Volunteering projects in Germany

Voluntary work in Germany tends to most commonly be education, childcare work and teaching English. Voluntary work teaching English in Germany can be found in both big cities and more rural areas, and are primarily available to native English speakers – however, some programs require that you speak at least intermediate German to enroll, so check the requirements carefully.

Social and environmental development projects are also a great form of voluntary work in Germany; volunteers may find work caring for the elderly or assisting in providing social services in German cities. Nature and wildlife preservation projects can be found in rural locations throughout the country for those interested in careers in this field.

Voluntary work in Germany typically last from a few weeks to a few months depending mainly on the length of time you can commit to as a volunteer. Volunteering in Germany during the summer months means avoiding the cold winters, but if you are willing to brave the cold, the snow covered German countryside is a beautiful sight.