Voluntary work in Malta

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Malta

The small unique island of Malta is located just miles south of the coast of Italy, providing a deep history, beautiful scenery and a range of Mediterranean cultural influences. Malta is known to be a rewarding destination for voluntary work and invites volunteers from all around the globe, providing meaningful and educational adventures of a lifetime in a less known European country.

Where to volunteer in Malta

The island of Malta encompasses a total land area of only 122 square miles yet has around 450,000 residents, giving the country the title of being one of the smallest as well as the most densely populated countries in the world, which doesn’t mean there isn’t room for those coming for voluntary work in Malta! Although being a small island, Malta is covered by one large interconnected urban area, a more recent modern manifestation of the countries long legacy and deep history of being a city-state.

Valletta: Valletta is officially named the capital of Malta, whilst the country still remains undecided about what technically constitutes a “city”, they use the word to refer to regions within metropolitan areas. Valletta and the surrounding metropolitan area is home to nearly the entire Maltese population, the “city” is known to have a very high standard of living and is even home to several UNESCO World Heritage Sites, which of course invites the tourists. Valletta is probably the most popular destination for voluntary work in Malta, as it provides both the modern and the loved history side of the country.

If volunteers would prefer a less busy and densely populated region, they may also wish to look into smaller towns such as San Gwann. Luckily for those visiting, due to the small size of Malta, tourists and volunteers can get around easy from destination to destination, all taking little time with the new improved transport system which is efficient and inexpensive. Volunteers in Malta can get the best of both worlds, such as working in a smaller town making a bigger difference and being able to explore the wonders and beauty of Malta on the weekends.

Volunteering projects in Malta

Malta is known as a prosperous country in which advantages from high levels of equality and high ratings of human development in general. Nonetheless, as every country, Malta still suffers from various social issues in which require the help of volunteers. Voluntary work in Malta is popular within sectors who are overlooked and underserved, such as work in education, construction and community development.

Voluntary work in Malta is popular within marine sectors due to the fact that the country is an island nation and is hugely developed, offering projects such as marine conservation, biological research or wildlife conservation. Volunteers involved in these projects will be able to gain immensely educational experiences and be able to make a large difference. These environmentally-oriented projects can help minimize damaging effects from the urbanization of Malta on local ecosystems. Malta is the perfect place for the volunteers looking to make a difference within the environment.

In addition to this, because Malta has undergone much urbanization and cultural transitions from ancient times, the country is also concentrated on efforts to remain a cultural hub and keep its past alive through historic preservation. Voluntary work in Malta may also include projects to preserve these ancient times and these volunteers will be very appreciated by locals.