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Fancy a change of scenery? Or country? Use your love for retail and previous experience and bag yourself a new retail job abroad! Living and working abroad will be an undeniable challenge, but one that will take you leaps and bounds in your self improvement and future career.

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Hungarian-speaking Travel Advisor needed in beautiful Brno, Czech Republic

Hungarian-speaking Travel Advisor needed in beautiful Brno, Czechia


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Turkish-speaking customer service agent in sunny Lisbon


Turkish-speaking customer service agent wanted for leading social media platforms!

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Become a Turkish-speaking customer service representative in beautiful Lisbon!


Arbeite als Kundenbetreuer von Zuhause aus in Bulgarien für eine international bekannte Unterwäsche-Marke


Business Development Representative – Hebrew-English needed in Dublin


Digital Sales Representative with Slovak-English needed in Krakow, Poland


Digital Sales Representative with Czech-English needed in Krakow, Poland


Business Development Representative with Russian-English needed in Krakow, Poland


Business Development Representative with Greek-English needed in Krakow, Poland


Travelteer coordinator needed in Sri Lanka and Nepal!

In the midst of our increasingly interconnected global marketplace, there is no better time to consider pursuing your search into retail jobs abroad. Companies are expanding their operations across borders more and more frequently, meaning that you can reach an international base of customers from pretty much any major city in the world. Why not expand your work experience across borders and cultures and learn even more about retail on a global scale?

Why move abroad to work in retail when you can do it in your home country? Retail is a vital component of business models all over the world, so there is no need to worry about a shortage of international opportunities in retail and sales. Whether working for a large multinational corporation in a premier global city of for a small regional firm further off the grid, the one constant factor is that landing a retail job abroad will be an incredible life experience – and it won’t look bad on your resume for your further career either!

There are of course many things to bear in mind when considering where to look for retail jobs abroad. First, the language barrier may limit the type of international job opportunities that are available to you in certain countries. While international companies frequently seek-out English speakers, local firms will almost always expect you to be proficient in the local language. Keep this in mind before setting your heart on applying for retail jobs in a particular country! Salaries also vary significantly among retail jobs abroad; dependent on the contract, role, country and company.

Retail jobs abroad in countries such as the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will enable you to transcend the language barrier and look for any type of retail jobs opportunities you want! As in your home country, the types of retail jobs abroad which might be attainable depends both on your qualifications and previous experience, of course dependent on which role you are applying for. Visa considerations often make jobs abroad more difficult to get, if you are planning on searching for temporary retail jobs abroad to earn some work experience while also getting a taste of the expatriate life in a different country and culture, this is easier to achieve as work abroad program providers can help with temporary work permits.

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However, if you are planning on moving abroad permanently to begin a career in retail, then the situation becomes more complex legally. One route is to ensure your local employer will be able to endorse you successfully for a work and residential visa. Another possibility is to look for retail jobs at a multinational company in your home country with the intention of transferring abroad.

Gaining retail jobs abroad provides many benefits that you will never regret. Allowing the opportunity for you to live and work abroad as an expatriate, uprooting from your home and immersing yourself in another culture will be an educational opportunity, a great growth experience and a whole lot of fun. In today’s increasingly international marketplace, having experience working abroad will be a huge plus when speaking with future employers. It will demonstrate your flexibility, ambition and ability to communicate across cultures.

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