Beach and Summer Resort Jobs

Find out your next adventure with these roles in amazing destinations!

Are you dreaming of spending your summer in the sun with the beach on your doorstep, but your bank account is telling a different story? Well good news is here… with beach and summer resort jobs, you can get paid to work in beautiful locations, getting a tan and a wage at the same time! Applying for beach and summer resort jobs is a great way to see the world in a new light, because it will probably be a lot sunnier where you land! They are flexible too – you’ll work for the season, and then you can decide to travel after if you’d like. It’s basically a mini gap year in the heat of the summer, where your only worry is to remember to apply sun cream!

Latest Beach and Summer Resort Jobs


TUI Entertainment & Activity Host | EU Nationals | Work Abroad


TUI Football Coach | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


Mentors for Language Learners on Holiday Camps – Free Hotel Stays in Europe


TUI Group-Fitness Instructor | EU Nationals | Work Abroad


Nederlands sprekende receptionist(e) gezocht voor Italiaanse camping!


All-Round Entertainer at Campsite in Italy


TUI Swim Coach | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


Greece is looking for talented Hotel Entertainer!


Work as hotel staff in Greece, Spain, Maldives or Cyprus!

Work as an Entertainer in sunny holiday destinations in 2024!

Work as an Entertainer in sunny holiday destinations in 2024!


Searching for lifeguards in Greece, Spain, Cyprus or the Maldives


Photographers needed for the ´24 Summer season in sunny Greece!

Beach and summer resort jobs abroad provide you the opportunity to decide where you want to work and what you would like to do. There is a wide range of jobs abroad for students, graduates and even professionals, so based on your interests, there will definitely be a list of roles for you to choose from!

Beach jobs can include hospitality and bar work, working in events, becoming a water sports instructor or assistant and life guarding, so if you’re sick of being stuck in an office and want an outdoor adventure, this the perfect opportunity for you! Experience and qualifications will vary depending on the role and location you are going for, so it is important that you look at all specific job requirements to make sure it is a suitable role for you.

Summer resort jobs are a great way to immerse yourself in the holiday vibe, as you are surrounded by holiday-makers and those working to experience new cultures, just like you. Resorts offer a variety of summer jobs, from entertainers to cleaners to bar staff to receptionists, meaning wherever your skills lie you are sure to find a role that is the perfect fit for you.

There is also the added benefit that resorts have great facilities that staff often have full access to, in beautiful locations, so a trip to the beach after work is always a possibility! Wages and experience needed also vary throughout these roles, but some resorts do offer employment packages including accommodation and food provided alongside a monthly wage, so make sure you do your research to make sure you find the right fit for you and get the most out of your summer of a lifetime!

Beach and summer resort jobs offer the amazing opportunity to experience the sunny beach lifestyle and get paid for it! You will be sure to come home with great memories, friends and money… so what are you waiting for? Check out and apply for roles on Anywork Anywhere today!

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