Summer Jobs in Greece

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Want to have the summer of a lifetime but don’t think you can afford it? Why not consider finding work abroad! Summer jobs in Greece mean you can live and work in a variety of sunny destinations, making money, friends and memories as you travel to amazing locations. Summer jobs in Greece are the ultimate ticket to an incredible summer adventure that won’t break the bank, as well as having the added benefit of looking great on your CV! So check out some roles that you could be experiencing this summer and get inspired! With thousands of yearly visitors thanks to the constant sun, beautiful beaches and atmospheric nightlife, there is no shortage of seasonal work for those looking for summer jobs in Greece, meaning your dream of living and working in the picturesque holiday destination could soon be a reality.

Latest Summer Jobs in Greece


TUI Group-Fitness Instructor | EU Nationals | Work Abroad


TUI Swim Coach | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


Greece is looking for talented Hotel Entertainer!


LIFE is looking for German speaking entertainers for Egypt and Greece


Join us to work in the most attractive location of the Mediterranean with very prestigious hotel chains!


TUI Kids Club or Baby Club Host | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad


🌟 Amazing opportunity: EU and UK animators/entertainers invited to join the Summer Season in Greece!

Work as an Entertainer in sunny holiday destinations in 2024!

Work as an Entertainer in sunny holiday destinations in 2024!


Photographers needed for the ´24 Summer season in sunny Greece!


Work as hotel staff in Greece, Spain, Maldives or Cyprus!


Searching for lifeguards in Greece, Spain, Cyprus or the Maldives


TUI Football Coach | EU & UK Nationals | Work Abroad

Hourly wages are often lower than other countries at €3-4 per hour, but with the possibility of tips in many roles and low living costs, if you budget wisely you should earn enough to support your adventures. The benefits of spending your days off relaxing on the beach and nights partying with holidaymakers in the hundreds of bars and clubs definitely outweigh the low financial income and create an enviable lifestyle that provides the experience of a lifetime.

The main opportunity for those looking for summer jobs in Greece is to find work at the numerous bars, clubs and restaurants that tourists flock to in their masses. When looking for a seasonal job, the best bet is to go where your fellow citizens tend to congregate; the Ionian islands and Rhodes attract British travelers and Americans are frequently found on Crete, Santorini, and Mykonos – you are much more likely to find a role where English is the language spoken in the establishment, unless you have a good understanding of the local language, in which case the world is your oyster! Often this can mean late nights, as shifts can run into 4am in peak party season, so make sure you consider whether this is feasible for you!

Resort work is a great option for those looking for summer jobs in Greece who really want to immerse themselves in the holiday vibe (whilst getting paid!); roles can vary from holiday reps to entertainers to cleaning staff to bar work, so there is sure to be a role that suits your skills and experience. Due to being one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world, there is a demand for seasonal workers in the summer months, making it perfect for someone wanting to live in Greece and undertake a part-time role to pay their way. There is also the added benefit that resorts have great facilities that staff often have full access to, in beautiful locations, so a trip to the beach after work is always a possibility!

If you have childcare experience, au pair roles are available year round, but demand increases in the summer months, meaning it is the perfect opportunity if you are wanting to take your skills global and are interested in Greek summer jobs. Wages tend to be slightly lower, but accommodation and food are usually included as au pairs live with host families, looking after the children and perform basic domestic duties such as cleaning, so your wage can go towards more exciting things such as travelling the tourist hot-spots (and off the beaten track once you’ve become an expert!).

Summer jobs in Greece offer the opportunity to experience a new country whilst immersing yourself in the culture by living and working alongside the locals. If you can’t wait to get your new adventure started, check out and apply for available roles on our website and soon you could be having the summer of a lifetime!