Summer Jobs in Germany

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Summer jobs in Germany offer a great opportunity to explore the cultural and historical landscape of one of Europe’s largest countries. With a minimum wage of around €8-10 per hour, and a lower cost of living than other major European cities such as Paris, London and Rome, if you budget your money wisely you should earn enough to support your adventures. With an amazing mixture of bustling cities, including Berlin, Munich and Hamburg, great tourist attractions such as the Roman ruins and medieval villages, wherever you turn is a traveler’s paradise meaning you’ll never run out of new places to explore.

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Mentors for Language Learners on Holiday Camps – Free Hotel Stays in Europe

When applying for summer jobs in Germany make sure to translate your CV and cover letter into German and include a formal picture of yourself alongside listing all relevant work experience. It is important to bear in mind that anyone looking for summer jobs in Germany should have a basic grasp of the language as this will make you much more likely to be considered for a role.

As a European holiday hot-spot, there are plenty of summer jobs in Germany for those wanting to travel; bar and restaurant work is always a good option as this industry tends to have a high turnover of staff, meaning there are often new vacancies available. Those moving from abroad to work for the summer are more likely to have luck finding a hospitality role in the main cities, where the demand in summer increases due to tourism, so focus your search to these. Flexible hours in these types of roles also mean that you have more time to explore your new summer home, as well as meeting colleagues with similar outlooks!

If you have childcare experience, au pair roles are available year round, but demand increases in the summer months, meaning it is the perfect opportunity if you are interested in summer jobs in Germany and want to take your skills global. Wages tend to be slightly lower, but accommodation and food are usually included as au pairs live with host families, looking after the children and perform basic domestic duties such as cleaning, so your wage can go towards more exciting things such as travelling the tourist hot-spots (and venturing off the beaten track once you’ve become an expert!).

As a successful farming area, Germany produces a variety of crops meaning there is plenty of harvest work for those looking for summer jobs in Germany. Cherry picking takes place in July and August, apple picking in September in Steinkirchen, Jork and Horneburg, whilst grape picking starts in October and November in South West Germany. Fruit picking is laborious manual work, so it is important to consider your health and fitness levels before applying to these jobs. But if you are up to the challenge, getting to live and work in the beautiful German countryside is definitely worth the early mornings!

Summer jobs in Germany offer the opportunity to experience a new country whilst immersing yourself in the culture by living and working alongside the locals. If you can’t wait to get your new adventure started, check out and apply for available roles on our website and soon you could be having the summer of a lifetime!