Summer Jobs in United Kingdom

Find out your next adventure with these roles in amazing destinations!

Want to have the summer of a lifetime but don’t think you can afford it? Why not consider finding work abroad! Summer jobs in United Kingdom mean you can live and work in a variety of sunny destinations, making money, friends and memories as you travel to amazing locations. Summer jobs in United Kingdom are the ultimate ticket to an incredible summer adventure that won’t break the bank, as well as having the added benefit of looking great on your CV! So check out some roles that you could be experiencing this summer and get inspired! Not many people realize that you can find summer jobs in the UK in the same way you can abroad – with the benefit of gaining free accommodation in most cases.

Latest Summer Jobs in United Kingdom


Mentors for Language Learners on Holiday Camps – Free Hotel Stays in Europe

The main areas of summer jobs in the UK are in residential summer camps, outdoor centers and holiday parks. In terms of summer camps, there are hundreds throughout each country in the UK, where most of them have a specialism such as TEFL or outdoor activities, all different camps take on a range of summer staff each year from support staff such as cooking and cleaning, to qualified instructors and camp leaders. With almost all of these jobs, the company will provide accommodation so it’s just a matter of choosing where you want to go and the role that suits you best.

There are known to be over 500 organizations in England alone that hold an outdoor adventure license, where the majority of jobs are based in South West England and the roles in this region are often connected with a fantastic range of water sports on offer. Outdoor center jobs in the UK range again from qualified staff to support staff and group leaders where you don’t necessarily need any qualifications.

There is definitely not a lack of holiday parks and campsites in the UK, where these parks are a large employer of summer staff. Caravan parks take on wardens each summer, where larger parks need seasonal reception staff, cleaners, ground workers and every role needed to take care of summer holiday makers. Where the large holiday parks such as Butlins need even more support staff plus extra staff like entertainers, security staff and kids clubs childcare workers.

Summer jobs in the UK are usually very active and outdoorsy, however general short term work can also be a good earner such as the usual bar and retail work, whilst also charities in the UK taking on students to take part in street and door to door fundraising. The UK is also known to host countless festivals, theme parks and customer service industries who need staff all year round and love a diverse workforce so whether you are already here in the UK or travelling the islands (like Herm Island)  this summer, there is a job to suit everyone.

Summer jobs in the UK range from cleaning staff through to sports camps supervisors and managers. The big cities such as London, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Dublin require hospitality workers all year round but it is out in the countryside and on the coast where the UK houses some of the best traveler and holiday jobs that you will find anywhere. From the Highland resorts in Scotland (such as Aviemore) down to the water sports centers in the Solent – if you don’t mind taking a small risk with the weather, the UK provides a well-developed tourist destination with attractions ranging from countryside, mountains and abundant history.

Do you want to travel, find new experiences and indulge in British culture? (whilst adding the benefits of enhancing your CV).