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Do you dream about completing a ski season but your lack of experience on the slopes is putting you off applying? Ski season driver jobs are the perfect solution to your problem, as companies advertise season-round for professional and experienced drivers to transport guests around the resort, provide airport transfers and transport colleagues to where they need to be on time, means practical experience on the mountains is not necessary!

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Ski resort driver jobs offer flexible shifts, with many companies giving you the option of how many days you would like to work, which obviously depends on how much money you want to save to spend at the après-ski bar! So depending on how many shifts you agree to, during your days off and when your shift is over you can hit the slopes to learn a new snow skill – by the end of the season you’ll be a pro!

For ski resort driver jobs it is vital that you exude a welcoming and friendly attitude, to ensure guests feel safe and positive from the very start to the very end of their holiday, so a sociable ‘can do’ attitude is a must! As the first representation the guests see of the company, many require you to arrive well-presented and if you speak the local language that is definitely a benefit, although not essential, albeit a full clean drivers license is obviously a must! You are responsible for the safe and timely transportation of numerous people, so it is important you feel comfortable behind the wheel and are confident in your abilities, as well as being able to remain calm in stressful situations.

Ski Season Driver Jobs

It isn’t all work though! Many companies offer great packages for ski season driver jobs, providing necessities such as paid travel, accommodation, food, ski hire and lift passes alongside a weekly salary, meaning all you need to worry about is getting the job done and having a good time! Seasonal jobs are perfect for those itching for a change of scenery, and the snowy mountains are the perfect place for a fresh start. It is difficult to complain about the office being the mountains, and you are sure to have found your winter passion by the end of the season, whether this is skiing, snowboarding, or enjoying a hot drink by the warmth of the fire!

What’s more… a high rate of returning staff at many resorts means you will get to see your friends and practice your jumps the following year! So don’t let the idea of a traditional chalet job put you off having the winter of a lifetime, there is a job that suits your skills! What are you waiting for? Apply for ski resort driver jobs today!

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