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New Zealand is uniquely different than all of the other ski countries, with the ski season starting as early as June and ending mid October, starting and finishing before many other countries’ ski seasons begin. During this short but sweet season, the New Zealand mountains are high and powdery enough to offer excellent ski terrain, with some of the best ski fields and authentic ski experiences in the Southern Hemisphere of the world, it comes as no surprise that New Zealand is a popular ski destination.

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New Zealand is seen as the perfect place to learn to ski and snowboard, meaning it’s your perfect place to look for snowboard instructor jobs. New Zealand ski resorts are great for teaching as the ski areas are extremely beginner-friendly, embracing wide runs with steady gradients, allowing the newbies to improve skills and gain confidence before hitting the big slopes. New Zealand is also a perfect location to gain unique snowboarding experience, such as riding down glaciers or active volcanoes… all creating a perfect opportunity for the enthusiastic snowboarders to look for snowboard instructor jobs in New Zealand. So if your into snowboarding, your into New Zealand.

Each year, the quaint and picturesque towns of Queenstown and Wanaka, the most famous New Zealand ski towns, welcome thousands of skiers from across the globe. Both providing easy access and offering available transport, it is no wonder tourists flock here for some snow-filled fun before summer has ended. However, due to these excellent snow conditions and enticing experiences, snowboard instructor jobs in New Zealand are becoming more and more popular.

Snowboard Instructor Jobs In New Zealand

Before embarking on your search into specific snowboard instructor jobs in New Zealand, your first step is to become qualified by a recognized body that is part of the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA), which allows you to instruct across the globe – plus shows you are trustworthy enough to have responsibility of others. There are 4 worldwide levels of qualification to teach anywhere in the world you usually need to obtain at least Level 2, which may take a few months to complete! Snowboard instructor jobs in New Zealand salaries are known to be quite average compared to countries around the world, with a pay of around $20 an hour for a Level 2 qualification which doubles from Level 1, showing that the training and hard work to gain higher qualifications is definitely worth it!

A tip – due to the popularity of snowboard instructor jobs in New Zealand, those who plan to apply need to prepare months before the winter arrives in order to get a job and receive your visa in time, so it is important to get planning now for next year. What could be better that pursuing your dream job, moving to a spectacular country and enjoying adrenaline filled months in the snow?

A ski season in New Zealand is a very unique experience – many say that it is completely different than skiing in Europe, Canada or North America. With that in mind, make sure you do your research and you are prepared for your big new job in New Zealand!

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