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Switzerland is climbing on the list of places to work a ski season for many professionals, the list of job opportunities is endless!

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Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor – Instructor Internships in: Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland & USA

The Swiss Alps are placed in the middle of the best snow terrain in Europe and are an extremely popular place to live and work for a season. One down side that is whispered about Switzerland may be that it is quite expensive, which can put people off moving to live and work. However, you would be signing up to gain the opportunity to work within a resort or chalet where your accommodation, travel and food is paid for and you work for your own money? Alongside the ability to ski in your free time! The benefits clearly outweigh the negatives. Ski season jobs in Switzerland are the ones for you!

Ski resorts in Switzerland are picturesque to say the least, with chalet style villages and towns they have successfully managed to stay within the traditions and block out the tourist vibes (even though it is filled with tourists). Switzerland offers something for everyone, including some of the most challenging skiing and snowboarding routes in the Alps, with mountains including Verbier, one of Switzerland’s more famous resorts with over 400 kilometers of runs. Along with a lively nightlife, it is the perfect location to find a ski season job for those looking for a challenging resort with a good party lifestyle and atmosphere.

Ski Season Jobs In Switzerland

Snow in Switzerland can fall as early as September or October in particular regions, where the winter ski season begins at the end of November and ends late May. Switzerland also offers year-round ski facilities in Zermatt from May through August in summer weather, located in a remote portion of the Southern Swiss Alps – Zermatt is one of the largest and highest summer skiing regions in Europe. Forget winter, view our summer ski season jobs in Switzerland now!

Ski season jobs in Switzerland aim to offer a huge variety of roles and benefit all those looking to gain seasonal work. Ski season jobs vary widely and may include jobs such as bar, reception or maintenance work, drivers, nannies, chefs, reps and chalet staff, along with the chance to become a ski or snowboard instructor. This means your weekly schedule may vary also, for example one week may consist of working in the morning, hitting the slopes for a few hours and then heading back into work mode for the evening shift, and the next day would be the opposite.

Who are they looking for? Are you a determined, motivated and hardworking individual? Then you fit the requirements! Even though Ski season jobs in Switzerland vary so widely, ski seasons in general require hard work, so individuals need to understand that they need to work hard to play hard; the truth of it is you need to work lengthy shifts to gain the fun and exciting benefits, such as meeting new people, skiing in your free time and enjoying après-ski every day – but we all know that the hard work you put in to your ski job is worth it for the experience of a lifetime!

Want to be working and living in the Swiss Alps this year? Check out our list of companies who are offering dreamy ski season jobs in Switzerland now!

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