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Spending the day on the slopes and then working in the evening surrounded by live music and friends; ski season bar jobs are great for those who want a large chunk of free time to spend skiing alongside making a little money this winter!

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Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor – Instructor Internships in: Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland & USA

Highly sought after with fewer vacancies, experience tends to be essential to get a job behind the bar, but charm never fails so don’t be deterred if you haven’t done bar work before! Shifts can range from covering the lunchtime rush to working during the evening peak that turns into the party animals who stay until the early hours of the morning, ski resort bar jobs offer great flexibility to give you time to practice your jumps and socialize with your new friends when you are not working…and the free drinks are definitely a bonus too! As with all seasonal jobs, customer service is at the forefront of the role, so good hospitality skills and a friendly demeanor are essential to ensure the guests are satisfied (which can often lead to tips)! Bar workers are holiday makers best friends, so look after your guests and they will look after you – which can help fund your night out after your shift ends!

Ski Bar Jobs

Ski season bar work can be less consistent, so this role is ideal if you are hoping to dedicate a solid portion of time to the slopes – just make sure you set an alarm after your late night shifts so you can beat the rush! With worldwide locations, wherever you fancy visiting next you can with ski resort bar work, as resorts in Japan, New Zealand, France and Canada are all looking for staff through our website! Bar work is ideal for a party animal, and you’ll quickly make friends with your fellow seasonal workers when they find out your role, meaning a winter spent socializing and enjoying the infamous ski-resort night-life is definitely possible!

A happy attitude and the desire to make sure everyone is having a good time will make you perfect for the job, as you are responsible for maintaining a good atmosphere alongside providing great customer service in the bar. Working closely with other team members, this role is suited to an outgoing and adventurous individual who is always up for a good time and confident behind the bar, but also willing to help out in other tasks when needed to make sure the resort bar is running smoothly. Ski season bar work can be tiring, but the rewards outweigh the sleepy mornings; the chance to live and breath snow sports, whilst earning money and making new friends, all with a beautiful snowy-capped backdrop is undeniably amazing, and the perfect way to spend the winter of a lifetime!

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