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Japan may not be the first place you think of when you imagine your ski season, but ski instructor jobs in Japan are fast becoming popular due to the amazing combination of high snowfall and the incredible culture on offer.

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With resorts in Hokkaido receiving an average of 15 meters of snowfall per season, this makes Japan one of the most snow-sure countries in the world, it is clear that Japan should definitely be an option when considering where to spend your next season. Ski instructor jobs in Japan offer endless adventure, tree skiing and off-trail possibilities galore mean you can have a unique experience that you can’t find anywhere else. Night-skiing is also growing in popularity in Japan, meaning you could have the possibility to be teaching lessons in the moonlight, getting a new perspective on the mountains at nightfall.

Ski instructor jobs in Japan have lower pay in comparison to other countries; at Level 2 you should expect to earn around £10 per hour, and at Level 3 the salary rises to around £15 per hour. However, many Japanese ski resorts use progressive payment systems, as the wage increases by the number of hours you have worked – for example, for every 75 hours you work your pay may increase by 5%, meaning as you gain instructing experience you also gain a greater wage! The lower wage is also compensated by the fact that many Japanese resorts provide staff accommodation, meaning you can save more of your wage and there is less to worry about when arranging the big move!

Ski Instructor Jobs In Japan

Another obvious benefit of ski instructor roles is the amount of time you get on the slopes, which is unparalleled by any other seasonal resort work, and allows you to consistently improve your own skills and consequently become a better teacher. Ski instructor jobs in Japan are ideal for enthusiastic and motivated individuals, so if this sounds like you, it is likely that you will flourish in this rewarding role, as you see your students’ progression whilst also gaining confidence in your own instructing ability. Most Japanese resort’s seasons run from mid December to early August, making the best time to apply for ski instructor jobs in Japan late June/July.

To be a ski instructor you are required to be patient and encouraging, as you will be teaching people with different levels of experience, so when applying make sure you show how friendly and approachable you are! What’s more, you will be working amongst the electric atmosphere a ski resort provides, and the chance to experience the nightlife many of the resorts have to offer after work is one that is hard to turn down. Japanese resorts are famous for giant hot tubs, known as onsens which are traditional in Japanese culture – so get used to communal bathing in hot springs to warm up after a chilly day on the slopes! The lifestyle change is another huge bonus – you can really immerse yourself in the culture and maybe even brush up on the local language! So, what are you waiting for? Check out ski instructor jobs in Japan today!

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