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Ski resort rep jobs are perfect if you have a passion for the mountains and want to pass your extensive knowledge onto holiday makers to ensure they have the best time possible at your resort!

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Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor – Instructor Internships in: Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland & USA

Ski resort rep jobs mean you will be the main point of contact for paying guests, so it is up to you to make a positive difference to their holiday, making sure they are consistently satisfied with their experience and troubleshooting any difficulties that may jeopardize their enjoyment. It is vital that you are a sociable and chatty individual to excel at this role, as you will be in constant communication with clients. Sales experience is also valued as you will be expected to sell in resort extras!

Although ski season rep jobs can seem overwhelming, there is no better role to ensure you get plenty of time on the slopes; a large part of the job is guiding guests, meaning you are getting paid to ski! Due to your influence of where you take the clients to encourage them to spend their money, another bonus to the job is the free food and drinks that restaurants/bars will use to try and sway you, so play your cards right and you could be fine dining for free! If all of this still isn’t enough to persuade you, many companies offer great packages for employees, providing necessities such as paid travel, accommodation, food, ski hire and lift passes alongside a weekly salary, meaning all you need to worry about is getting the job done and having a good time!

Ski Rep Jobs

You will be responsible for organizing and promoting social events, meaning ski resort rep jobs allow you to gain experience in multiple areas ranging from customer service to marketing and sales, meaning securing this position would be a great CV booster! Also, being in charge of social activities means you can always squeeze in a night out (even if technically you are on shift)! It is essential that you are outgoing and love chatting to new people, but also that you can remain organized and professional, as administrative tasks such as balancing accounts and budgeting events are also a key part of the role. So if you think you have what it takes to make sure everyone around you is having a great holiday, whilst you have the winter of a lifetime in a beautiful snowy location, with the possibility to travel to New Zealand, Canada or Japan to name a few, ski season rep jobs are perfect for you!

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