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Chalet manager jobs allows you to enjoy the experience of a chalet season, with the additional CV enhancing responsibility of a managerial role. If you have completed other ski seasons then the mountains are basically your second home, or you have managerial experience at home and want the chance to live and work abroad, this opportunity is perfect for you!

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Chalet manager jobs tend to be different depending on the company you work for; in some companies you may be responsible for overseeing multiple chalets, organizing staff rotas, helping with day-to-day issues that may arise and stepping in to help with chalet host duties such as cooking and cleaning if need be. On the other hand, in other companies you may be required to be the manager overseeing one individual chalet, dedicated to overseeing the daily running, accounts and staff of one location.

Chalet managers are the first point of contact for guest queries and complaints, so the ability to solve problems independently and with a smile on your face is essential! Fluency in a European language is also respected, but not required, as you liaise with suppliers and your multinational team (many of whom may be away from home for the first time and need a little extra support from their superior, meaning an understanding and caring attitude is valued) in order to achieve the smooth running of your chalets and the satisfaction of your clients.

Ski Chalet Manager Jobs

In chalet manager jobs you will have expectations consistent with any managerial role – to motivate and inspire your team, lead with conviction and remain calm under pressure, but you will have the benefit of doing all of this in a beautiful snowy setting. Your days off can be spent soaking in the local culture, or hitting the slopes to show the first time season workers how it is done! Your ability to lead by example can be transferred from the chalets to the slopes, as you help passionately deliver impeccable service alongside experiencing the winter of a lifetime and meeting like-minded people. The ability to communicate effectively with a variety of people will not only lead to friendships with staff and guests alike, but help with the task of arranging reps and chalet staff, to ensure your team runs like a well oiled machine and guests are happy with the service they receive. The more effective your staff are, the more free time you have in the day to hit the slopes!

As with other chalet staff, most companies provide packages for chalet managers including necessities such as travel, accommodation, food, ski hire and lift passes, meaning your weekly salary of around £200 can go on more exciting things (such as après-ski )! With no need to worry about boring things such as accommodation and travel, there is no excuse to not apply and have the true snow covered winter experience! Chalet manager jobs allow you to gain practical and beneficial experience to further your career, in a beautiful backdrop such as France, New Zealand, Canada or even Japan!

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