Ski Instructor Jobs In Canada

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Ski instructor jobs in Canada are the perfect way to make sure you’re never stuck in a boring 9-5 office job again; with over 250 ski resorts with stacks of terrain and heavy snowfall, Western Canada is the go-to for hardcore riders whilst British Columbia is regarded as the birthplace of heli-skiing and cat skiing, meaning wherever you find yourself in the world’s friendliest country, you will never be bored.

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Thrill-seeking will become your main hobby, as the reliable winters and champagne-like powder snow mean you will be able to hit the slopes everyday and improve your skills, alongside getting generous time on the mountains teaching others – meaning you are getting paid to be on the piste! Ski instructor jobs in Canada have a transparent payment system, as your hourly salary is reflective of your qualification level – Level 1 instructors should expect to start on around $12 per hour and a Level 2 instructor should expect a wage of around $15-$17 per hour. However, enthusiasm and a smile can also go a long way in the most positive place on Earth (no seriously, police officers give out ‘positive tickets’ when they see a citizen doing something positive!) as the North American tipping culture can sometimes double seasonal income!

Ski Instructor Jobs In Canada

To bag ski instructor jobs in Canada there are important steps to take; first, and most importantly, you need to gain a qualification that is recognized in Canada (most respectable Level 2 qualifications will allow you to work internationally so this should not be too much of a problem) which should be followed by gaining a working holiday Canadian visa, which allows employees to actually hire you! The more applications you send out, the better chance you have of landing your dream job…but remember, experience is respected so don’t be disheartened if you don’t score your dream job straight away, it will come with time.

Next thing on the to do list; enjoy yourself! With so many choices – Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski area in Canada and has over 200 km of slopes, whilst the ‘Powder Highway’ in British Columbia is the best for deep days – there is no excuse to be bored! The best way to progress to a higher wage is to be consistently improving, so if your love of snow sports isn’t enough to keep you motivated, bear the money in mind! Ski instructor jobs in Canada are ideal for enthusiastic and motivated individuals, so if this sounds like you it is likely you will flourish in this rewarding role, as you see your students’ progression whilst also gaining confidence in your own instructing ability… and of course, we can’t reiterate enough the obvious benefit of the large amount of time ski instructor jobs allow you to have on the slopes. The best time to apply for ski instructor jobs in Canada is August time, as the Canadian ski cycle runs from October to September each year, so anyone wanting to work a season must think ahead and apply a few months before the season starts.

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