Snowboard Instructor Jobs In Europe

Find out your next adventure with these roles in amazing destinations!

There are plenty of snowboard instructor jobs in Europe, France, Austria and Switzerland in resorts that are amazing for you sideways sliders! Parks built by the world’s best snowboarders, huge amounts of back country to explore, and of course, insanely good après-ski, could you ask for more?

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In choosing which country you would like to move too, France definitely comes out top in being the most popular for finding ski job work, and that is no surprise with the amount of world-class resorts there, along with having more work opportunities than anywhere else in the world! However, Austria is known to be much cheaper to live in, and if this sways your decision, there is also growing numbers of ski resorts, great pubs and very friendly locals who will make you feel at home straight away! If you are looking for hardcore skiing and riding, and have a much higher budget to work with, then Switzerland is the place for you, the country is climbing on the list of places to work a ski season, so the list of job opportunities is endless!

No matter the country you choose, you need to remember you are moving to work – and this is going to be hard work! Although snowboard instructor jobs in Europe allow you to indulge in your passion on a daily basis, you have huge responsibilities to care and teach others your perfected skill. Although the training and work through snowboard instructor jobs in Europe may be tough, your determination will pay off due to the benefits you receive.

Snowboard Instructor Jobs In Europe

The rewarding aspects come from watching the learners improve and grow confidence snowboarding, making valuable connections and growing your career as a whole. All of this also comes along with benefits regarding the hiring company – one of the largest and well-known ski season companies worldwide such as BUNAC, EA Ski And Snowboard, We Are Sno, Alpine Elements and Ruapehu Alpine Lifts – who will provide you with training, a monthly salary, free lift passes for your days off work and even discounts on food or ski equipment.

Looking to work as a snowboard instructor in Europe? You will probably find it easiest to get work as a foreigner in Austria where regulations are less strict than other parts of Europe, especially France, but of course the decision is yours! Read the singular European country profiles to find out first hand what working a ski season in Europe is going to be like!

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