Ski Season Chef Jobs

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If you have an appetite for serving high quality food and your service style goes the extra mile, but you also have a burning desire to get back on the slopes, why not get the best of both worlds with ski season chef jobs?

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Within chalet chef jobs it will be your responsibility to keep the holiday makers fueled up after a long day on the mountain, serving delicious meals and snacks throughout the day, with plenty of time in between whipping up tasty delights for you to hit the slopes yourself! Depending on the company requirements, there is a job for all capabilities; some companies are after competent chefs who will be provided with enough resources to create a hearty meal, whereas others want more experienced cooks who can manage and run their own kitchen to a budget in order to produce food to an excellent standard for high paying clients.

With ski resort chef jobs, you will be responsible for breakfast, afternoon snacks, and an evening dinner, as your tasks include planning the week’s menu, shopping for ingredients, preparing and cooking the meals, and often helping to serve the food to the chalet guests. In some cases, you will also be responsible for clearing up, stock taking and ordering, and you may be required to help out with other tasks for the company.

Ski Season Chef Jobs

However, it isn’t all work! With many companies offering extensive packages including travel, accommodation, food, ski hire and lift passes for all employees, including a generous weekly salary (chalet chef jobs are often the best paid out all of seasonal work roles) you will play just as hard as you work, and working in a team with like-minded people means you are sure to make plenty of new friends. This is a great opportunity, especially for those chefs with greater experience, to cater for guests of luxurious and high profile companies, and meet some well-connected and influential clients that may well lead to other impressive jobs when the season is over (we’re talking yachts, private homes and villas here).

Ski season chef jobs allow you to gain experience that compliments and enhances your CV, alongside the opportunity to live and work in an amazing location whilst making new lifelong friends. Seasonal jobs are perfect for those itching for a change of scenery, and the snowy mountains are the perfect place for a fresh start. Whether you are already a seasoned skier, or you are eager to learn, ski resort chef jobs mean you will have get to indulge in your passion for producing delicious, high quality food alongside experiencing new adventures each season…and a high rate of returning staff at many resorts means you will get to see your friends and practice your jumps the following year! There is also the higher possibility in ski resort chef jobs for year-round work than any other resort roles, meaning you have even more time to experiment and hone your talent! So if this sounds like something you could really get your teeth into, check out our vacancies today!

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