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Are you a nanny bored with the dull 9-5 and dreary grey skies? Or do you have experience as an au pair that you are itching to put to good use and are ready for your next adventure? Ski season nanny jobs provide an exciting opportunity that fits your skills perfectly, as you look after cute kids in return for free accommodation, food, a weekly salary and a beautiful backdrop!

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Ski resort childcare jobs are plentiful; there is no shortage of children that need caring for whilst their parents hit the slopes, meaning your skills are in high demand! There is no such thing as a typical day, and as your mini clients change frequently, you will need to be adaptable, patient and of course an excellent entertainer! Ski resort nanny jobs perfectly combine your love for working with children with your adventurous side, as varied hours depending on your designated guests often means you have plenty of time to hit the slopes! Although you may have to babysit some nights, you also have the chance to hit the après-ski bars on your nights off, meaning there is plenty of time to socialize with all your new friends!

Ski Season Nanny Jobs

Even when you are at work, ski season nanny jobs mean playing in the January sunshine, perfecting your sledging technique and going for crêpe trips, which are hard to complain about, and doing them in the stunning surroundings of France, Canada, New Zealand or even Japan make them even better! The rewarding nature of the job means that you feel truly valued by each family, as your attentive and ‘can do’ attitude means they are more than satisfied, especially as your presence means the parents can practice their jumps without having to worry about the little ones! Ski season childcare jobs require you to be motivated, caring, enthusiastic and flexible, as you prioritize the utmost safety and ensure an enjoyable experience for both the children and parents! Enjoying the snow with your new little friends means a days work is satisfying for you as well, especially when it is followed with you getting to fine tune your snow skills after your shift.

Ski resort nanny jobs allow you to gain experience that compliments and enhances your CV, alongside the opportunity to live and work in an amazing location whilst making new lifelong friends. Seasonal jobs are perfect for those itching for a change of scenery, and the snowy mountains are the perfect place for a fresh start. Whether you are already a seasoned skier, or you are eager to learn, ski resort childcare jobs mean you will have get to indulge in your passion for childcare, alongside experiencing new adventures each season…and a high rate of returning staff at many resorts means you will get to see your friends and practice your jumps the following year! So, no need to wait any longer…find your perfect job on our site today!

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