Ski Instructor Jobs In New Zealand

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Ski instructor jobs in New Zealand offer back-to-back winters with reliable snow, so if you’re ready for the long flight to the other side of the world to lay fresh tracks in the snow this one is for you!

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Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor – Instructor Internships in: Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland & USA

With 1.5 million visitors arriving in New Zealand every year to ski and snowboard, the popularity of the Kiwis’ culture is undeniable, and with around 40 resorts in the region there is the possibility of forming connections throughout the country meaning you can return season after season to improve your moves! Ski instructor jobs do require initial investment, as you must complete courses to become qualified to teach, but when snow sports are your passion it is clear that the initial expense is worthwhile, and outweighed by the later benefits.

Ski instructor jobs in New Zealand mean you get paid to be on the piste, and with pay in New Zealand resorts ranging from $12 per hour for Level 1 instructors and nearly doubling to $20 per hour for Level 2, you can play as hard as you work and have enough cash to hit the apres-ski bar with your new friends in the country which brags being both the adventure and party king of ski resorts.

Ski Instructor Jobs In New Zealand

If partying is not your thing, and you’re down under purely for the thrills, it doesn’t stop at snow sports during the winter! Bagging ski instructor jobs in New Zealand could lead to you spending your weekends bungee jumping, mountain hiking and kayaking. If you really want to get your blood pumping, New Zealand’s biggest resort (Whakapapa) boasts an active volcano which experienced skiers can hike up and ski down the 1,000 vertical meter slope – meaning you never have an excuse to say you are bored! However, if you find yourself craving something that keeps you on the flat, there is plenty of culture to soak in; try the Hāngi style of cooking or taste the delights at a local bakery.

To bag ski instructor jobs in New Zealand you are required to be patient and encouraging, as you will be teaching people with different levels of experience, so when applying make sure you show how friendly and approachable you are! Being enthusiastic and motivated means you will flourish in this rewarding role, as you see your students’ progression whilst also gaining confidence in your own instructing ability…and of course, we can’t reiterate enough the obvious benefit of the large amount of time ski instructor jobs allow you to have on the slopes. Most ski resorts in New Zealand’s season runs from around mid-June through to early/mid October, meaning many resorts start recruiting during February/March, and may require applicants to attend a ‘hiring clinic’, so it is important you get your application in early to show you are eager!

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