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Do you want the winter of a lifetime in a snowy setting but don’t want to leave your loved one behind? Chalet couple jobs means you can get the best of both worlds, as ski resorts advertise for couples to run a chalet – hosting, cooking and serving the guests. It can be difficult to expect two unfamiliar people to work so closely together, so advertising chalet couple jobs means that the employer can be confident their employees will be sure to do a good job and work well as a team!

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Chalet couples tend to split responsibilities, so it is vital that the two of you both have excellent hospitality skills and a friendly can-do approach as you will be the first port of call for any queries the guests may have, as one of you runs the kitchen and the other runs the general daily life of the chalet. Therefore, chef capabilities are essential from one half of your team, as you will be in charge of planning a menu to a budget and creating high quality foods that suits any dietary requirements the client may have – but don’t panic! Many don’t expect a huge amount of professional experience, just so long as you are competent in the kitchen and can stick to a budget, you will be fine! Furthermore, there are plenty of courses available that teach you the culinary basics that you may feel you are lacking, to help build your confidence and land your dream job.

Ski Chalet Couple Jobs

Chalet couple jobs mean you know exactly who you are going to be working with, which makes the experience more exciting than daunting. You tend to have one full day off a week, alongside the free time you manage to carve out on other days, which you can spend sharing experiences, whether skiing, snowboarding or relaxing with a hot chocolate is your thing. Often, your employer will provide ski passes and equipment hire so you can hit the slopes in your free time and not have to chip into your weekly salary to enjoy your new surroundings. You don’t have to be a romantic couple to apply for chalet couple jobs; friends, siblings or work colleagues can also apply…as long as you are confident you will work well as a team and get along for the entire season! You are essentially running a large household, so it is important that you are self-motivated and happy doing the little chores that you may try to avoid at home!

There are many upsides to chalet couple jobs…as well as being extremely rewarding, you get to spend a winter in a beautiful setting with the person of your choosing! With a variety of locations ranging from New Zealand to France, you will be sure to find the perfect place for the both of you, where you can immerse yourself in the fun culture a ski resort provides. Being hired as a team of two allows you to have a unique experience with your partner, earning money whilst having the experience of a lifetime! So, what are you waiting for?

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