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Japan’s snowfall is often underrated and kept on the low… however as both skiing and snowboarding are particularly popular with young people in Japan, resorts have also been careful to keep their costs low! Meaning that snowboard instructor jobs in Japan are on the rise!

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Japan is known as the ‘powder mecca’ of the world, officially the snowiest place on earth with Aomori City receiving 26 feet of snow each year, so it’s no wonder that thousands of snowboarders arrive when the ski season begins! Apart from the ridiculous heights of snow, Japan also offers a real cultural convergence, involving both traditional measures as well as high-tech modern hints.

The ski season typically running from December to April, with certain resorts gaining much longer seasons depending on snow conditions. The benefit of snowboarding in Japan is that it endures a lot of snow over the Christmas period from December-January, which means temperatures are very cold and powder snow quality is at its best – so book now to spend your Christmas in Japan!

Japan is known to have an average pay in worldwide comparison, looking at around $25 an hour for Level 2 qualifications, with the rise of pay regarding qualification levels. However, many Japanese ski resorts use progressive payment systems, as the wage increases by the number of hours you have worked – for example, for every 75 hours you work your pay may increase by 5%, meaning as you gain instructing experience you also gain a greater wage! While the pay may seem lower, the mountains offer consistent snowfall, fluffy powder and terrain to suit all abilities, as Japan’s surging popularity means that there is plenty of work available for snowboarding enthusiast.

Snowboard Instructor Jobs In Japan

The first step you will need to take before your Japanese adventure can begin is to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, which allows you to live and work in Japan for up to a year. Don’t worry though, we work with some of the largest and well-known ski season companies worldwide to provide you with the best advice on applications, visas etc. as well as opportunities, including BUNAC, EA Ski And Snowboard, We Are Sno, Alpine Elements and Ruapehu Alpine Lifts, alongside us ensuring that you will have help along the whole process. Finally, you are required to become qualified by a recognized body to apply for snowboard instructor jobs in Japan, a qualification from the International Ski Instructors Association (ISIA), which indeed allows you to instruct across the globe – plus shows you are trustworthy enough to have responsibility of others’ safety on the slopes. There are 4 worldwide levels of qualification, but to teach anywhere in the world you usually need to obtain at least Level 2.

Fancy a complete change of scenery? Check out the provided snowboard instructor jobs in Japan to book a ticket to enjoy the champagne powder snow and experience this phenomenal destination first hand.

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