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Fancy a complete change of scenery? Until recently, the ski scene in Japan had been one of the country’s best-kept secrets, but each year Japan is fast becoming the world’s most popular ski and snowboard destination with more and more people from across the global visiting the Japanese mountains to enjoy the champagne powder snow and the real cultural experiences. Ski season jobs in Japan create an unforgettable experience.

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Become a Ski or Snowboard Instructor – Instructor Internships in: Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland & USA

The typical Japan ski season is from mid December through to early April, although certain resorts have much longer seasons, some which are dependent on snow conditions. The benefits of skiing or snowboarding in Japan is that it endures a low of snow over the Christmas period from December-January, which means temperatures are very cold and powder snow quality is at its best – which entices a lot of tourists!

While the mountains may offer consistent snowfall, fluffy powder and terrain to suit all abilities, Japan’s surging popularity means that there is plenty of work available for ski and snowboard enthusiasts. The first step you will need to take before your Japanese adventure can begin is to apply for a Working Holiday Visa, which allows you to live and work in Japan for up to a year. Don’t worry though, we work with some of the largest and well-known ski season companies worldwide to provide you with the best advice on applications, visas etc. as well as opportunities, including BUNAC, EA Ski And Snowboard, We Are Sno, Alpine Elements and Ruapehu Alpine Lifts, alongside us ensuring that you will have help along the whole process.

Ski Season Jobs In Japan

Once the visa is secured you are ready to start applying for ski season jobs in Japan. In Japanese-run ski resorts, it is known to be very difficult to find jobs working directly for the resort, for roles such as ski lift operators, as these types of jobs tend to go to locals or applicants who speak fluent Japanese. Instead, the above companies provide a variety of jobs roles in which you can apply for, with ski season jobs in Japan including jobs such as bar, reception or maintenance work, drivers, nannies, chefs, reps and chalet staff, along with the chance to become a ski or snowboard instructor. This means your weekly schedule may vary also, for example one week may consist of working in the morning, hitting the slopes for a few hours and then heading back into work mode for the evening shift, and the next day would be the opposite, getting the best of both worlds with the benefits of the occasional après-ski!

With Japan’s alluring mountains, enchanting culture, distinctive cuisine and demand for workers, it is easy to see why ski season jobs in Japan have become so popular, and why you should apply now!

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