Working Holiday Visas

Working Holiday Visas

Find out what visa you need to travel and work in amazing destinations around the world and start planning your next adventure! Choose the continent you want to head to and see the endless options for working in its countries!

Why Work Abroad?

Would you like a change in your life by starting a new working and living adventure abroad? You are definitely not the only one, because more and more people decide to pack their bags and move abroad to experience what it is like to live and work in another country. Working abroad brings so many advantages, such as gaining work experience abroad, expanding your (international) network, gaining independence and broadening your horizon. Whatever your reason is, working abroad is a life changing experience! In this paragraph you will find a couple of reasons why you should work abroad and start your adventure of a lifetime! 

Improve your CV
Gaining work experience abroad means that you can put a very valuable experience on your CV. Nowadays, recruiters are continuously looking for people who lived and worked abroad for a period of time. These kind of working abroad experiences show that you are very flexible and are open to learn and adapt to different situations. Furthermore, working abroad develops your language skills. 

Get to know a new culture
While living and working abroad you will learn everything about your new country and culture. You will discover and learn something new every day. Think about different behaviors, customs and beliefs. Besides that, you will see and do a lot that you wouldn’t normally be able to do or see. 

Develop new skills
Working abroad gives you the opportunity to learn new ways of working, problem solving and improving your existing skills in many different areas. Even something like a simple interaction with your international colleagues, customers or new local friends will become learning experiences as it might be very different from what you are used to.

Learn a new language
Working and living abroad also means that you get the chance to learn a new language. Small conversations with colleagues and friends will contribute to your language skills. Being multilingual is a very valuable and sought-after asset for companies all around the world. Learning a new language will therefore be very valuable for the rest of your career. 

How to choose the best country for you

When you decide to work abroad, you have to think about where you want to go. The places you can go to are endless and sometimes it can be hard to narrow one place down. There are 4 main aspects you need to consider :

The weather
Studies have shown that weather plays a great deal in our mood. Therefore, if the rain makes you sad and moody, maybe England is not your country. And if the heat gives you a headache and you hate sweating, then don’t move to Bali. Think about your preferences and consider them when moving somewhere as different weather from your home country could actually make you happier!
If you don’t mind colder and rainy weather, then some northern countries offer a very good quality of life.

Even though English is spoken pretty much everywhere in the world, to work in another country it’s better if you speak at least the basics of that country’s language. That will help you in your job research and make some friends!

Laws & Culture 
Make sure you research the laws of your future country before you make any decisions. Indeed, some countries have strict rules about the consumption of alcohol or drugs, their laws can also be different regarding human rights so you should figure all of that out before you get there.

How easy is it to travel to and from that country? And how easy is it to travel within it? You want to be somewhere where your family and friends can easily come visit and where you can go home for a weekend. You also want to be able to easily visit your new country, so you should ensure that the public transports are great!

Little insider tip: Go on vacation there first
There is no better way than to experience it yourself. If you have a country where you would like to move in mind, just go there for a weekend. Explore it, feel it, eat it, and you will know if that country is made for you! 

Working Holiday Visas

North America

North America is a beautiful continent home to the USA, Canada, Mexico and many other countries in the Caribbean Sea. North America offers an expansive and diverse realm of work opportunities, from the fast paced, technologically advanced countries of the USA and Canada to the beautiful, tropical environments of Cuba, if you are looking for a rewarding adventure then working in North America is ideal for you!


Europe offers a mixture of culture and tradition that changes from country to country. From every mile you travel, you will find yourself in a new adventure and the opportunity to live and work in your dream city awaits. Select your chosen country to see all of the information regarding what visa you may need to attain before making the big move!


Asia is a continent filled with adventure and spirituality that has fixated the world for years. Home to ancient landscapes, incredible feasts and futuristic advancements, Asia continues to amaze and delight visitors and create the experience of a lifetime. Select your chosen country to see all of the information regarding what visa you may need to attain before making the big move!!


The vibrant continent of Africa is moving into one of the most exciting and defining periods in History. Africa is a leading nation in the way of innovation in regards to development in technology, human rights, fashion and arts. Select your chosen country to see all of the information regarding what visa you may need to attain before making the big move!

Australia, New Zealand & Fiji

Head down under for the opportunity of a lifetime! Whether you want to catch rays on the stunning Australian beaches, immerse yourself in the culture of one of Fiji’s 300 beautiful islands or head to New Zealand for an adrenaline adventure, the choice is yours! Select your chosen country to see all of the information regarding what visa you may need to attain before making the big move!

South America

South America is home to a combination of old and new cultures yet consistent in its incredible cuisine, dance, music and architecture. With a mix of ancient indigenous ruins and Spanish influences, both the culture and the locals are welcome to all. Select your chosen country to see all of the information regarding what visa you may need to attain before making the big move!

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