Voluntary work in Spain

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Spain

Spain, a country famous for its small plates with big flavors (tapas), an incredibly fruity punch (sangria) and one of the greatest hikes (the Camino de Santiago), is it no surprise that Spain is a top destination for those interested in meaningful travel. Although behind the beauty of the country, there are various opportunities to complete voluntary work in Spain to make a difference in areas such as education, human rights or conservation, volunteers really can gain the opportunity to leave a lasting impact on the locals.

Where to volunteer in Spain

Most Spanish cities offer voluntary work that can and will make a difference to Spanish communities. Each city, small or big, has a unique landscape and cultural identity, making it even more interesting to explore and chat to the locals with the aim to uncover what the cities unique characteristics are. A few of the most popular locations are Valencia and Barcelona.

Valencia is surrounded by the Meditteranean Sea as well as incredibly protected forests. The forests intrigue many volunteers year round, especially revolving around interests in conservation and ecology. These projects allow volunteers to explore on their time off, such as hiking or even enjoying the famous Valencian paella!

Barcelona – “the city that never sleeps”… means there are plenty of activities to take advantage of when the volunteering ends! During the day, you can explore Gaudi’s architecture speckled throughout the streets and up to the hills of Park Guell and visit the many beaches to soak up the sun. Then staying at the beach until night time to watch the beach light up with dance clubs on the sand, with the best musicians playing and flocks of people visiting for Barcelona’s summer music festivals, with all music genres.

Volunteering projects in Spain

Voluntary work in Spain is popular due to the countries affordability, diverse landscape and of course the famous food and drink. Many education voluntary placements can be found in every Spanish city while volunteers looking for work related to conservation should look in the more coastal areas of the country.

Education: Teaching English in Spain is very popular with volunteers, with opportunities to teach children or adults available in every city. Other education related voluntary work opportunities include tutoring programs for disadvantaged children, working within childcare professions or working with the community in general public health issues.

Conservation: Spain has large amounts of protected natural areas, both on land and in the sea. Popular conservation voluntary work in Spain include helping restoring habitats through maintaining forests and planting trees, or collecting behavioural and environmental data about sea creatures.