Voluntary work in Romania

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Romania

Romania has a long and fascinating history which excites visitors adventure needs. From rugged stone churches and magnificent ancient castles to the thriving modern cities, the EU’s 7% most populous country is an enticing destination for volunteers from all over the world. No matter which voluntary work in Romania you choose to do, whether it be teaching English to the local children or wildlife preservation efforts, your placement will be a fun and adventurous experience.

Where to volunteer in Romania

Bucharest: This is Romania’s capital, the 6% largest city in the EU and the center of everything cultural and financial. Bucharest has had a long and very interesting history, which has most recently seen it be affected by two world wars and communist occupation. Today, the city is highly flourishing with incredible architecture, a drive for economic development and one of the most important hubs of activity in all of Eastern Europe. Those who are interested in voluntary work in Romania will find plenty of opportunities in the nation’s capital.

Another popular location for volunteering in Romania is the medieval city of Brasov. The city is centered in the infamous province of Transylvania, featuring a preserved historical center which also benefits from a beautiful countryside. Other potential cities to find voluntary work in Romania can include Cluj-Napoca, Oradea and Sinaia, all smaller cities with more unique characteristics in medieval forms.

Volunteering projects in Romania

Popular voluntary work in Romania is within the education sector, where there are endless opportunities to teach English throughout both the cities and the rural areas of the country. Volunteers are able to teach in schools, community centers, after-school programs and even private tutor adults or families in English or other subjects.

Romania is also interested in volunteers within community development. Although the country is developing in every way, there is of course still sectors who face significant infrastructure challenges. There are many volunteer opportunities within construction, healthcare and youth development, which can all be rewarding voluntary projects.

Another more unexpected yet fun voluntary work in Romania is for those interested in environmental conservation and habitat preservation. Romania is home to about 50% of all brown bears in Europe, a demographic which faces the constantly increasing threat of human expansion, therefore leads to many voluntary work opportunities to help protect the indigenous brown bear population. Volunteers are able to work in close contact with the bears and gain invaluable experience in Romania’s beautiful forest areas.