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Information & guidance about seasonal jobs in United Kingdom

Seasonal jobs in United Kingdom


Mentors for Language Learners on Holiday Camps – Free Hotel Stays in Europe

There are many casual job opportunities in the UK particularly in pubs, restaurants, comedy clubs, bars, clubs hostels and hotels in tourist areas like London, The Lake District, Scotland and The Channel Isles.

Farm work is offered all year round although most harvest work takes place between June and September when strawberries, apples and hops are picked.

Factory and production jobs are offered throughout the UK processing a variety of foods and products. This kind of work can be well paid as there are often many hours available.

Call Centers vacancies can be found in towns and cities and many temporary jobs are offered various times times of the year.

Au Pairs usually need some childcare experience but won’t always need to be able to speak fluent English. Au pairs live with host families, looking after the children and perform basic domestic duties such as cleaning. Wages are often low but food and accommodation is usually included.

In cites in the UK work as an Uber driver is often easy to find, all you need is an Uber account and an Uber approved PCO car & you can start working.

Work at various Digital Marketing & SEO agencies like Bulldog Digital Media is usually easy to find year-round provided you have experience.

Bunacs Intern in Britain program gives students and recent grads the unique opportunity to intern in the UK for up to 12 months. Experience first-hand the famous Great British culture as much more than a tourist.

Voluntary Job Opportunities In The UK Include work with the homeless, people with learning disabilities and animal care.

Traveltowork Can Assist With Setting Up A Bank Account In The UK Before You Leave Home.

UK Visa Information: If you intend to visit the United Kingdom, on holiday, a business trip, to study, work, volunteer or as an emigrant you should get up to date and accurate information from the official website of the UK Home Office.

For up to date information on visa requirements, you can also check with the Embassy or Consulate of the United Kingdom before you travel.