Voluntary work in Latvia

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Latvia

Latvia is quickly growing in popularity amongst the other European countries. The country benefits from the calm, natural side of life with its beautiful coastline and undeveloped beaches, yet also has a wild side where half of the country is covered in pine forest with abundant wildlife and endangered species. Voluntary work in Latvia is usually situated in the urban areas such as the city of Riga, which has great transport links to all other parts of the country. Volunteers who are interested in conservation and love the outdoors should consider Latvia!

Where to volunteer in Latvia

Voluntary work in Latvia is normally located around the capital city of Riga, where most volunteer organizations are situated. The capital city of Riga gained the title of being the European Capital of Culture in 2014, creating a bigger tourism industry for the city. Riga is a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, home to a third of Latvia’s population and is the largest city in the Baltic. The city is recognized by professionals as having the best examples of Art Nouveau architecture in the world, also known for its lively nightlife and glorious unspoiled beaches on the Baltic coastline. Volunteers will be able to take advantage of these excursions whilst also take in the culture by exploring the old cobbled streets of Old Riga.

Volunteering projects in Latvia

Voluntary work in Latvia is still new to the country and the locals, although organized volunteerism is growing rapidly. Volunteering opportunities arise in areas relating to Latvia’s wildlife conservation and teaching in schools.

Conservation: Latvia is a tiny country, although it’s geographic location is part of two forest zones, resulting in a huge amount of biodiversity. Many of the species within the forestry zones of Latvia are endangered and at risk due to environmental damage and agricultural expansion. Voluntary work in Latvia may then involve participating in projects to help with the restoration of national parks or conducting research.

Teaching: Voluntary work in Latvia may also involve working at schools or summer camps with non-profit organization who provide cultural exchanges. Volunteering in Latvia as a teacher usually involves teaching English, however the volunteer may also be offered opportunities to teach other skills or educate children in different subjects. This is the most rewarding type of volunteering as the individual will be teaching international skills to help grow others future and lives, whilst also growing as a person themselves.