Voluntary work in Ireland

Information & guidance about volunteering projects in Ireland

A stunning landscape with history seeping out of every nook and cranny, voluntary work in Ireland means the chance to visit a small island with large character, full of mighty tales mixed with modern fun. A country with culture to spare, whether you are enjoying the world famous scenery in Cork or sipping a pint of Guinness in one of the many pubs in Dublin, volunteering in Ireland will be sure to capture your heart and send you home with a smile.

Where to volunteer in Ireland

As the capital and economic and cultural hub, Dublin offers a bustling city that is packed with opportunities for voluntary work in Ireland. With a rich history dating back to the 9th century reflected in by the medieval castles and cathedrals dotted amongst the one thousand places to grab a pint, that are the center point around which many of the 1.2 million inhabitant’s social lives. Volunteering in Ireland’s capital mainly includes community development and assistance with implementing and supporting social services.

Cork is considered Ireland’s second city; a population of around 400,000 means it offers a smaller alternative to Dublin but packs just as good a cultural and historical punch. Following a hard economic recession, Cork has undergone a transformation; volunteers in Ireland’s southern city will find sparkling waterfronts, coffee shops on every corner but still feel the traditional spirit in the pubs, locals and restaurants dishing up top quality, traditional food.

Galway and Limerick all have smaller populations of around 100,000, making them great locations for voluntary work in Ireland that gives a real insight into smaller city life for the locals. The waterfront towns provide the chance to spend the day lending a helping hand to communities in need, and evening relaxing in a cozy local pub. Rural voluntary locations are also plentiful in Ireland; volunteers interested in environmental preservation will find themselves in Ireland’s endless miles of lush countryside, spending days exploring the natural beauty on offer.

Volunteering projects in Ireland

Voluntary work in Ireland often includes working in community development; education, working with the youth, the elderly and the vulnerable are areas in constant demand and roles can be found all over the country.

Environmental conservation voluntary work in Ireland is also an area growing in need as the country continues to industrialize and grow rapidly in population. This type of work can include developing and contributing to sustainability projects, educating the public about the dangers of pollution and how they can live in an environmentally friendly way. Animal welfare is also a popular choice of volunteer work in Ireland, and volunteers may find themselves working on farms or in animal shelters, and those interested in a veterinary career may assist in basic tasks.

Voluntary work in Ireland can last anywhere from a few weeks to a few months, depending on the project and your availability. The winter months can be rainy, but there is no promise of sunshine in the summer either, so embrace whatever the weather throws at you, soak up the culture alongside the rain and roll your sleeves up to get volunteering!